FailFix Preppi.Posh Total Makeover Doll Pack

4.7 5 0 129 129 Become the ultimate #STYLESAVIOR and Take Over the Makeover with FailFix! The FailFix Squad have tried out the latest online beauty tutorials and things didn't go to they need your help to fix that beauty fail! Meet @Preppi.Posh! She's after a look that's A+, but she needs your help to get top marks for style! First, begin the head-to-toe transformation with a surprise fashion reveal - will you find a Rare or Ultra-Rare outfit with special material? Next, pamper @Preppi.Posh by applying the magic spa mask. Once she's feeling relaxed, remove it to reveal a look she'll love. You might even find a Rare or Ultra-Rare makeup look underneath the magic mask! Then, remove the accessories stuck in her hair and brush it out until it's silky smooth! Finally, complete the total transformation by using the included hair tools to create the 'Up Style' look she was trying to achieve! Finish styling @Preppi.Posh with shoes and jewelry to create the look of her dreams.
FailFix Preppi.Posh Total Makeover Doll Pack


Glamorous Transformation and Creative Fu
The FailFix Preppi.Posh Total Makeover Doll Pack delivers a delightful and glamorous experience, combining imaginative play with the thrill of transforming a fashion-forward doll. As a fan of creative toys that encourage self-expression and style exploration, the Preppi.Posh Doll Pack has become a favorite for its innovative concept and endless makeover possibilities.
Very cool doll
My granddaughter absolutely loves this FailFix Preppi.Posh Total Makeover Doll Pack. She loves to put the facemask on her and do her hair, she always likes to wear make-up and do her own hair.
My favorite doll
My daughter really love it enjoy playing with it. It’s really nice and cute and makeover close hair everything just perfect. I recommended definitely buy it again. A gift her as a gift for her birthday.
Super Cute Doll
Got this for my Daughter for Christmas because she had seen it in the store one day when we were shopping and liked it. This doll is Super Cute... You can fix her hair and style it different ways and her arms and legs move. My daughter Loves it. Great Gift for young girls. Can't go wrong with this one.
My son's favorite!
My 6 year old son loves fashion and fashion design, so the fail fix dolls are his absolute favorite, preppy posh in particular. They are cute dolls with a neat concept, and I'm upset that they are not making additional dolls
Beautician in the making
My daughter keeps herself busy with this doll all day. She puts on her own mask and then the dolls and keep saying how prittty she looks. It is a very affordable toy and keeps her busy for hours. Love it.
Sends a bad message.
I'm not a fan of what this doll teaches kids, that being a "mess" or not looking perfect is bad or needs fixed. You can do a makeover doll that completely changes the look without it starting out as a "fail" or a "mess". We should be teaching kids everyone is beautiful just the way they are.
This line of dolls are pretty fun. It comes as a mess and your child can help make it neat again. It’s easy to play with and not a big mess like many dolls like this. I like that they come in different skin tones and each one has a fun style to create.
Daughter approved
I got this for my daughter last Christmas and she loved it. She loved doing its hair and putting the different colors in. She had so much fun.
Great Doll
My daughter's loved this doll. They both loved being able to complete new looks and styles. I would recommend this doll to any girls who love playing dress up with dolls. I have recommended this to all my daughters friends.
Nice doll
I love this doll its gorgeous; though her dress is simple she looks super cute
We love them I buy them all the time, my kids eat them when they get out of school as a snack while I am cooking dinner
Great toy
This doll was a fun toy to unwrap. My 5 year old daughter had fun finding all the accessories hidden in the dolls hair. She had fun brushing her hair and getting the doll ready for the day. I had to help her with the mask as it was a little tricky to on so she could fix her makeup. Overall this was a fun toy.
Spa Doll
My daughter loves her Makeover Doll! She plays with it everyday and can't wait to get home from school to play. I can see her joy everytime she tells her friends about this special doll!
Failfix doll
My kiddo loved this unique doll there was so much to do with it and many ways to style the hair.

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