Hot Wheels Jurassic World Racerverse World Track Set

4.9 5 0 42 42 Race to escape Jurassic World island in this Hot Wheels RacerVerse track set that features a drag race and a zipline at the finish. It includes die---racers Blue the Raptor and Owen with non-removable figures in the drivers’ seats of die---Hot Wheels vehicles that are primed for track racing.
Hot Wheels Jurassic World Racerverse World Track Set


Kids dream track
My son got this for his bday and it’s his favorite toy! It was easy put together and hours of imagination play!
Ĵurassic fun
My son loves hot wheels and this new dinosaur track goes great with his other ones. Play all day and have fun
Hotweels jurassic track
I bought this for my son and he loved it. He played with it for years. He liked it because he loves cars and dinosaurs and i loved that its so easy to put together.
Tons of fun
This is a great set to cut your teeth on constructing and manning if you're a little guy. Very easy and straightforward and totally doable for small tyke's. Hours of play after it's up and running. It's a real hit!
My kids loved it and Enjoyed
The Hot Wheels Jurassic World Racer-verse World Track Set has been a hit with my 5-year-old and 1-year-old. Setup was quick and easy, and the track is durable and colorful. The motorized booster and dinosaur obstacles add excitement, keeping my kids entertained for hours. Occasionally, the cars can get stuck at certain points, but it’s a minor issue. Overall, it's a fantastic, engaging toy that sparks their imagination. Highly recommended!
My grandson love to play with hot wheels and he shoots the cars across the room keeps him occupied for hours
Kids love it
My kids are obsessed with hot wheels, and this one is one of their favorites. Great play, independent, easy to clean up. Love it and highly recommend. I'll be buying more as birthday gifts!
Family time
The Hot Wheels Jurassic World Racerverse World Track Set brings the excitement of the Jurassic World franchise to life in a thrilling racing experience. As a fan of both Hot Wheels and Jurassic World, this track set exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail is impeccable, with elements inspired by the iconic movie series.The track itself is well-designed, featuring twists, turns, and loops that keep the action fast-paced and exhilarating. The inclusion of dinosaur-themed obstacles adds an extra layer of excitement, making each race feel like a thrilling adventure through a prehistoric world.The set is easy to assemble, allowing for quick setup and endless hours of fun. The quality of the materials is also impressive, ensuring durability for long-lasting play.Overall, the Hot Wheels Jurassic World Racerverse World Track Set is a must-have for fans of both Hot Wheels and Jurassic World. It combines the thrill of racing with the excitement of the Jurassic World universe, deliveri
My kids love it!
This toy is so entertaining, my kids love it and they enjoy it playing with it. Hot wheels has really nice toys. My boys love it!
Fun for kids!
My sons 1.5 and 7 love playing with this toy. Easily put together. Bright colors. It was easy for the little one to play but also advanced enough the older one didn’t get bored.
Kids love it
I got this for my best friends 5 year old as a birthday gift. He absolutely loves it, it is easy to set up and the cars with the driver figurines are so cute. The cars slide great on the tracks and is a fun toy for kids to play anytime and everytime
My son adores it
My son got this for his birthday and is obsessed with it! It has brought us so much fun and joy. We pretend play as racers, adventure travelers and create other stories. It’s pretty easy to attach all details and is really durable. Made of good plastic, not so easy to break it.
hot wheels
My kids loved this toy. All the parts fit together well, and the cars rolled smoothly.
Newphew loves
Got this for my nephew as a gift because he love hot wheels . Every time I've seen him since he tells me how much he loves it and it's his fav. I would recommend for any kid that love hot wheels .
family fun
this track is fun for the whole family and give hours of fun and enjoyment for all ages would recommend well worth the purchase

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