Rideamals Snack Time Blue Interactive 6 V Trax Powered Ride-On

4.8 5 0 93 93 Food is part of the fun with Rideamals Snack Time Blue by Kid Trax! This interactive ride-on toy is the perfect playtime pal for little fans of Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues and You. Your child can ride, pet, or share a snack with Blue. A top speed of 1.5 MPH offers the perfect blend of fun and safety, while Power Trax rubber traction strip tires keep the ride smooth and steady. And do not forget the rechargeable 6-volt battery with Direct Connect One Step Charging System makes recharging easy, so the fun never has to stop for long. Feed their need for fun with Rideamals Snack Time Blue by Kid Trax.
Rideamals Snack Time Blue Interactive 6 V Trax Powered Ride-On


My Nephew's Favorite!
My second youngest nephew loves Blues Clues so thus snack ride was the best gift this Auntie could have given. He gets to ride, play and even share a snack. It's hours of enjoyment with my little guy! It's a great toy!
Blues clues fan
I recently purchased the Rideamals Snack Time Blue Interactive 6 V Trax Powered Ride-On for my 3-year-old son and I have to say, it has exceeded all of my expectations. This ride-on toy is not only adorable, but it is also highly interactive and provides hours of entertainment for my son. First and foremost, the design of this ride-on is top-notch. The blue color and blues clues theme make it visually appealing and perfect for both boys and girls. Another great aspect of the Rideamals Snack Time Blue ride-on is its durability. My son has taken this toy on all types of terrain, from grass to pavement, and it has held up exceptionally well. The battery life is also impressive, lasting for several hours of continuous use before needing to be recharged.
My 18 month old needs one of her own now
My 18 month old baby girl fell in love with this when she noticed it in the mall they have a booth to test ride on toys and this was the one she chose. She laughed pretty much the whole time interacting with blues she loved it , I couldn't get her off she cried the whole way out.to the.parking lot. So now I have to. Invest in this hopefully I can afford to do so for her before she outgrows it lol . My opinion probably the best ride on toy out there yet, those ride on plush animals I loved cause I could ride with my kids too but this one made me happy seeing how happy it made my little girl !! Thanks
Wholesome Fun and Adventure for Little E
The Rideamals Snack Time Blue Interactive 6V Trax Powered Ride-On is a delightful blend of interactive play, mobility, and imaginative adventure for young explorers. As a parent seeking a ride-on toy that offers more than just movement, this Rideamals creation has proven to be a standout choice, providing wholesome fun for my little one.
Great Product
My niece just loves riding it. Great Item for any blue's clues fan.
Fun time
The first time my nephew was a bit scared to ride on it but when time went by he got used to it and loved it. I loved the fact that it bought smile and excitement to him in such a short period of time
Fun for toddlers
At first, my nephew was a bit hesitant to hop on the big blue dog he’s only seen on TV, but with some adult assistance, he climbed on and held tight. It’s a bit on the hard side for sitting but the soft fur-like outer is nice. Sound effects are genuine and familiar to any child that’s seen Blues Clues. Supervision is recommended because it’s a heavy unit, even for a grown up; one wrong move and it could fall over on top of a kid. Overall, it brought a smile and excitement to my nephew for the short time he spent riding it.
Daughter loves it!
This Blues Clues ride on toy is so adorable! My daughter loves riding it and it is a safe toy I can trust her using. It is strong and durable and she absolutely loves to play on it!
Great buy
My son played on this until he had no other option but to get a new one it was reliable durable ad most of all he didn't get to big for it even some other kids played it was really God buy
She loved it
Funny, keeps them occupied. I don't have a video because of the while ago but my daughter used it as a friend's house and loved it
Super fun time!!
This is an adorable ride on that your little one is sure to love. My little tike absolutely loved this Blue's Clues ride on. It held a charge for a long time, and was super easy for him to maneuver around! Absolutely a great addition to our play time!
Blue’s Clues
It little girls loves this ride on. It’s so cute. He’s interactive and you can feed him l. It’s a rechargeable ride on that is perfect for indoors. It charges quickly and stays charged for a while.
One of my son's favorites
My son has a number of right on toys as these are a fan favorite in our home. He loved his blue's clues right on dog and we had great fun watching him enjoy it. Some things that I loved about it as a parent are: ---long-lasting battery life ---fast charge up ---very sturdy and safe ---interactive features whereby you can give blue food that can also be kept and the battery compartments and not in use Great experience with this toy and I will certainly recommended to any parent.
This is the best toy I could have got my grandbaby. He loves it. At 7 months he started to ride it.so cute
Fun time
My 3 years old boy loves it. Blue dog easy to use for him but it's perfect size for 18 months and older. You can't make him turn easily but kids love it

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