Crayola® Multi-Color Light Board

4.9 5 0 46 46 Unleash a burst of brilliance with the Crayola Portable Light Board! Create and display your drawings in White, Blue, Cyan, Green, Orange, Teal, Purple, Red, Violet, or Yellow. Once you’re ready to start fresh, gently erase your masterpieces with a quick swipe of any moist cloth, readying your canvas for the next wave of colorful fun!
Crayola® Multi-Color Light Board


Kids love these
Let your kids imagination come to life. They will love being able to trace pictures easily with the light. It also comes with tracing paper or you can get your own too. It's a lot of fun.
Fun for the kiddos
This totally reminds me of the nostalgic light bright. I think this is a great alternative for kids to being on there phone.
so fun
the kids love this board even the older kids. keeps the kids occupied longer than other toys in the past works well and makes for super cool drawings and the fact that its reuseable makes the fun last forever
Great Product
My grand daughter LOVES this, she is 4 years old and plays with it all day long. You can use with or without the lights on, comes with the chalk markers and is easy clean up. She likes this better than writing on paper
Creative coloring
We LOVE this drawing board at our house. My daughter received it for her birthday and both the kids get enjoyment out of it (3 & 6). They love the glow style creativity and they stay busy long enough for me to get some things done around the house.
These are so much fun for kids!
My kids have a blast on this thing. The way the colors show up on the board is really neat and unique. It's super easy to clean and reuse. I would say to get a bag or somthing for the markers (easier on kids to keep up with them) definitely recommend for for all ages . Lol
Great product
This is such a prefect gift for anyone, child or adult. It gives you a ton of hours of play. Let's us all be creative and express ourselves. This us the best gift I ever got my grand babies
I love this!
i think this is a fun little item especially the light up aspect love that they come with markers and this is such a great gift to give for a birthday party which i plan to do in the future
Travelers must have
The Crayola Multi-Color Light Board is an innovative and captivating tool that sparks creativity and imagination in both children and adults alike. As an artist and educator, I am thoroughly impressed with its versatility and ease of use. The bright LED lights illuminate the drawing surface, making colors pop and creations come to life.One of the standout features of this light board is its multi-color functionality, which allows users to select from a variety of vibrant hues to bring their artwork to fruition. Whether sketching, tracing, or experimenting with light and shadow, the possibilities are endless.The sleek and portable design makes it convenient for on-the-go creativity, while the durable construction ensures long-lasting use. Additionally, the board's adjustable brightness settings cater to different lighting preferences and environments.Overall,the Crayola Multi-Color Light Board is a must-have addition to any artist's arsenal.It fosters endless exploration and expression
Loads of entertainment
My kids love drawing on this light up board! They can spend hours playing with it and not get tired. I brings out their imagination and it's a lot better than them watching videos or playing video games.
Collect little lightboard. My kids are obsessed with glow in the dark items and this one hits all their interest points. So fun to use. Very bright and the colors are sl beautiful.
Keeps the kids busy
My kids love to draw and this was something they used every day. They especially love them on long car rides.
Great fun for 2 year old
My two year old daughter loves playing with this! We bring it to restaurants to keep her occupied! Highly recommend this unique art set and better than just giving a kid a tablet to watch!
Perfect For Car Rides
This Crayola Light Board is PERFECT for long car rides! It offers hours of fun for kids when taking long road trips and it keeps them off their electronic devices for a while. I bought one for my nephew and he loves it!
Crayola light bright
This product is well made and reminds me a little bit of my youth. It gives me a little bit of nostalgia of the old school light brights. I really don't see any improvem3nts that need to be made. I highly recommend this for kids and adults alike.

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