Monopoly Deal Refresh Game

4.8 5 0 40 40 Swap, steal, and scheme with the Monopoly Deal card game! Be the first player to collect 3 complete Property card sets, each in a different color, to win. This deck includes 110 cards: Property cards, Wild Property cards, Action cards, and Money cards. Wild Property cards help players build Property sets. Action cards mix up the game by letting players collect rent, steal and swap properties, and more. And players pay their debts with Money cards. Easy to play and set up, this card game for ages 8 and up can be played in as little as 15 minutes! Whether you’re searching for fun games for kids and adults, family games, or kids travel games, it’s a great pick for anytime play.
Monopoly Deal Refresh Game


Great Card Game
Great simple card game that is easy to learn with some fun depth. My family has spent hours playing this game and come back to it regularly. Perfect when you want something more than basic cards but not a full boardgame.
Monopoly Deal
Monopoly Deal card game is easy to learn and fun for the whole family. I like that you can finish the game a lot quicker than you can the with the board game. This is going to be a part of our family game night for years to come.
Great Twist on the Original Monopoly!
This is the Monopoly we all know and love, but even better! It’s a staple in my house amongst my family and friends. I love that it’s small and portable, and quicker than a traditional game of monopoly! Genuinely such a fun game and in my top 5 of board games!
Hours of family fun!
Monopoly Deal is our new family favorite game! The kids love it. The rules are easy to get a hang of. There isn't a big board that needs to be set out. There isn't a bunch of pieces that need to sorted and put away. I really liked that part. The best part is that it is only a deck of cards so you don't need much space for storage.
Fun for the family
This is a fun game once you get used to all of the rules. They aren't difficult at all and you should catch on quickly. It's a lot of fun~ It's nice being able to play monopoly in a card form.
I loved it
If you played Monopoly (the board game) growing up then this game is for you! Pros: It plays well with 2 people (and 2 person games are hard to find). It also plays well with more players. Cards are well made...we like the version that look more like the real board game cards. It helps if you played the board game before, making it easier to understand how to play and win, but it is not necessary at all. Once you've played a few times you can play each round in 10-15 minutes! We often play 3 rounds. Cons: Not too many and I am known to tweak rules to make games better and more fun, so this is saying a lot from me! LOL Only slight comment is that some of the situations aren't clearly stated in the rules. We googled for some input, found some good resources, and then came up with how we feel the card should be played. A solid 5 here!
Monopoly in card form
This is a different twist on the Monopoly game. It is a bit. Faster paced, and has options for 2 or 3 players. Makes for a fun game night
Great, quick card game!
We have had this card game for years. It is fun for the whole family. I like how there is different strategy if it is 2 player vs. 3 or more players. It is fun for the kids and the adults. I prefer this to the board game.
Not for me
I prefer the board game opposed to this card game.
Love monopoly
Monopoly Deal Refresh is a super fun game! It's like a card version of the classic Monopoly. You gotta collect property sets, play action cards, and be the first to complete three sets. It's fast and keeps you on your toes. Perfect for game nights
Fast-Paced Fun with Monopoly Deal
Monopoly Deal Refresh Game injects new life into the classic board game with a fast-paced and exciting card game format. Perfect for game nights with friends and family, this portable version of Monopoly offers all the fun and strategy of the original game in a fraction of the time. The gameplay is simple to learn but offers endless strategic possibilities, keeping players engaged and entertained from start to finish. The goal remains the same: collect sets of properties, build monopolies, and outmaneuver your opponents to become the wealthiest player. However, instead of rolling dice and moving tokens around the board, players use cards to buy, sell, and trade properties, adding a refreshing twist to the classic formula.
Great family fun
We loved this game to play with our family and friends! Hilarious and very affordable. Highly recommend for a game night! Be prepared to laugh until you cry if your family is competitive like ours.
fun time
Monopoly Deal Refresh Game offers a refreshing twist to the classic Monopoly board game, making it a highly engaging and enjoyable experience for players of all ages. The game combines elements of strategy, luck, and negotiation as players compete to build property sets, collect rent, and ultimately bankrupt their opponents. Its fast-paced gameplay and compact card format make it perfect for on-the-go entertainment or family game nights. With easy-to-learn rules and dynamic card interactions, Monopoly Deal Refresh Game provides endless replayability and is sure to keep players entertained for hours. It's a fantastic choice for fans of the Monopoly franchise and card game enthusiasts alike.
Destroy your friendships in less time!
Really fun portable version of monopoly. It goes fast so you actually finish a round. Usually play 2 or 3 rounds when freinds come over and it only takes 1 deal-breaker card to make sure they never want to come over again!
Great for road trips
We got this game for the kids for Christmas and it was a blast! It's cheap and can keep everyone entertained on longer road trips. It sure beats staring at a phone or tablet for hours. Can be played in 10-15 minutes.

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