Pull-Ups® New Leaf - 3T/4T Girls

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Pull-Ups® New Leaf - 3T/4T Girls


Works well
This helped with potty training my toddler, she felt she was a big kid and it kept everything in if there was an accident.
Toddler Approved! Leak proof
These pull ups are amazing and super cute! My toddler was excited to use them especially with the disney character on them. We've been potty training and transitioning to underwear but my baby wasn't quite ready yet, so we tried the pull ups. They worked great and was easy for my baby to take off and put on when she needed to use the potty.
I’ve tried a variety of pull-ups, and these specific ones leak. I like these pull-ups for nap time, but if my daughter wears them to bed she will most of the time leak through during the night. If your child tends to pee a lot during the night I would only use these for nap time.
Ready for potty
Pull-Ups New Leaf 3T/4T for girls is a game-changer in the world of potty training. As a parent, I can't express how impressed I am with this product. These training pants have made the transition from diapers to underwear so much smoother for my toddler.What sets Pull-Ups New Leaf apart is their softness and comfort. They feel like real underwear, and my daughter loves the cute, girly designs. The stretchy sides make it easy for her to pull them up and down on her own, encouraging her independence.In terms of absorbency, they work like a charm. No more messy leaks during the potty training process. I also appreciate the eco-friendly aspect, as they are made with plant-based ingredients.These training pants are not just a convenience; they are a confidence booster for both parents and toddlers. Pull-Ups New Leaf for girls has made potty training a breeze, and I highly recommend them to any parent embarking on this journey with their child.
Great quality!
Huggies pull ups are the best quality pull up there is! You cannot go wrong with these. I find that they are the softest and most absorbent. These are the only ones that do not break my child out. Definitely recommend.
Love this
Love this pull-ups, they are easy to use, easy to dispose and resistant. I just wish they make one size bigger.. just one lol, I have a big baby! Highly recommended
Great pull-ups
My daughter still needs something to wear at night and these are great. Super soft and easy for her to put on. True to size too.
Pull Up brand
Love them and my baby girl loves them and they work great and no leaks
Holds a lot
I've used many brands of training pants and I do think the Pull Up brand is more absorbent. You can often find coupons for the large box, making these pretty much as affordable as the comparable store brand. Plus, of course my kids like the Disney patterns.
Love them!
These are perfect! I am currently potty training my daughter and I love how there so easy to pull up and down. There also very absorbent incase of accidents. Highly recommend!
Pull ups
Pull-Ups® are a great way to train toddlers to use the bathroom they are easy for them to pull up and down. My granddaughter is getting great at it and my grandson is just starting.
Great training pants I use to baby sit a little girl who parents bought this brand and I never experienced any leaks from them
I absolutely love these pull-ups! My daughter has very sensitive skin, and these cause no irritation. They are super soft, and hardly any leaks. The only thing i wish is they went higher in size for the boxes.
No more wet sheets
So soft, flexible and absorbent. I'm cheap but they are worth the few extra bucks, haven't had a leak in weeks. HAPPY BABY...HAPPY MOM!
Love these. Good for my niece.
I bought these for my niece when she began having bedwetting issues at night while staying at my house. They absorbed everything and they aren't too bulky and are barely noticeable under her leggings.

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