(2) Pull-Ups® New Leaf - 3T/4T Girls

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(2) Pull-Ups® New Leaf - 3T/4T Girls


These were great! My daughter loves the print and they were SO soft! Easy to get on and off and I don’t think one ripped on us!
Easy potty training
I am in love with these pull-ups! Easy to get on and off, very soft, and always have popular characters on them. My favorite feature are the side they have a velcro type strip so you can take them on and off multiple times if needed.
Makes potty training easier
These make potty training easier she likes frozen so she gets excited and grabs one of these when she needs to go to the potty they are soft and they have worked for us
Potty time
Pull-Ups New Leaf 3T/4T for girls is a game-changer in the world of potty training. As a parent, I can't express how impressed I am with this product. These training pants have made the transition from diapers to underwear so much smoother for my toddler.What sets Pull-Ups New Leaf apart is their softness and comfort. They feel like real underwear, and my daughter loves the cute, girly designs. The stretchy sides make it easy for her to pull them up and down on her own, encouraging her independence.In terms of absorbency, they work like a charm. No more messy leaks during the potty training process. I also appreciate the eco-friendly aspect, as they are made with plant-based ingredients.These training pants are not just a convenience; they are a confidence booster for both parents and toddlers. Pull-Ups New Leaf for girls has made potty training a breeze, and I highly recommend them to any parent embarking on this journey with their child.
easy to potty train
These helped with potty training. My daughter was able to pull them up and down by herself.
Great quality!
Huggies pull ups are the best quality pull up there is! You cannot go wrong with these. I find that they are the softest and most absorbent. These are the only ones that do not break my child out. Definitely recommend.
After trying these on my little girl this is the only brand I will buy. They are so soft and they fit perfectly. They are very absorbent for accidents and are easy to pull up and down for the potty. And they have the characters from Frozen on them which just happens to be her favorite! I absolutely love them’
Better than originals
These for my daughter, have worked better than the original pull ups. They also have the cutest designs on them. I wasn't sure because of the plant based but they made me a believer!
Work well
Overall, I believe they work well. They are soft and the velcro sides make it easy to change if needed. I use these strictly for overnights while potty training my daughter. They keep the bed dry and I do not see any leaks so far. I wish they were a bit more like underwear so it would be easier to transition into undies for nighttime, but they work well.
Better than expected.
Love the design, super soft and they absorb pretty well, pull up well and easy to take off. They are a little expensive but you get what you pay for.
Wish they came larger!
My daughter wore Huggies New Leaf for a very long time. I would not describe them as underwear-like, exactly, but the Velcro tear-away sides are convenient for changes. They are very absorbent. The only time we experienced leaks was if we left her in one overnight by mistake. I just wish that they made these in a larger size or two. My daughter has never been particularly big for her age but she outgrew the largest size well before she was 3 and wasn't fully potty trained.
Pull ups
I love these better than the original pull ups. My daughter always had issues with leaking through any pull up I bought but this one seems to be the one I have not had a issue with
Cute and slim design
The pull-ups are nice and soft, and we never had any leaks. I liked the way they didn't bunch much on my daughter and fit comfortably with her pants. Overall a great product, however I feel like it can be pretty expensive so we switched to a cheaper brand for the longterm use.
Soft and Dry
We tried other brands but this one was soft and absorbent. No rashes or chafing from rubbing against the pull up.
Work great
I thought that all pull ups were equal until we tried these! I was blow away with how soft they were and how comfortable they were for my daughter. They worked great, with no leaks. They really helped us with potty training!

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