Goodnites® Absorbent Inserts

4.4 5 0 23 23 Goodnites Absorbent Inserts are made to fit discreetly in boys' regular underwear. Designed with the right amount of absorbency for moderate nighttime bed wetting, these protective liners allow your child to feel confident wearing his own underwear to sleep.
Goodnites® Absorbent Inserts


Very good
Very absorbed and not on skin not thick very soft
Good but not thick enough
It is a good insert, however, when using with the underwear from Goodnites, it was not thick enough for my daughter and she still wet her pants. Still looking for some good inserts or diapers if you know of any.
COMFORT and Dry ALLnight
My daughter absolutely loves the girls good nights Underwear for girls in the new size XL, She said that she felt dry and comfortable throughout the whole night and woke up with no leaks and no nasty bed changes to make super early in the morning, In life accidents do happen but they don't have to be uncomfortable and Messy with girls goodnights overnight, I highly recommend these For anyone who has a bed wetter you will not be sorry that you went ahead and ppurchased these, Your child will thank you for it and so will their sheets. I was sent this product to test from #HomeTesterClubNA In return for my honest opinion upon reviewing, All opinions are my own. @HomeTesterClubNA
No more wet nights!
My daughter was always wetting herself through her diaper. As soon as we got these, she stopped! Less laundry needing to be done and my daughter sleeps better!
These overnight life savors! Man where do I start.. This amazing product helped my son get over the hill of night training. He is now full potty trained through the night. The quality of this product is top notch.
I love this product. I have a very heavy sleeper and also a “sleep drinker”. My 4 yro sleep walks and chugs water bottles. This is the only thing I have discovered to help keep him dry when I wake him. You cannot even see them under clothing!! I suggest these to everyone I know!
Goodnites nighttime underwear
Goodnites offers a perfectly snug, yet comfy fit! Their flush design makes it less embarrassing for older kids to use. This product not only offers amazing absorbency but quality leak protection!
Good product for bed wetting
Great protection at night and didn't irritate my child's skin! Though I wish they were made a bit longer since my child tosses and turns a lot.
Awesome Brand
My overall opinion on these are grand. They worked just as planned with no mess left behind. I would recommend to everyone. They are soft and they fit perfect with no loose fits.
Goodnight inserts
Too big for my child's underwear but other than that they work great! When I got this product in the mail I was so eager to use them on my child. I would definitely recommend for use . Great overall experience with them. I also love how many come in one pack!
Goodnites absorbent inserts
I loved this product. When it came in the mail my 13 year old son wanted to use them and it absorbed all of his urine. The only thing that I didn't like about this is that it's not big enough. But overall it is a great product.
Good for all ages
These worked well for my grandchildren and for my mom in law . we r gonna keep purchasing these
Awesome idea but didn’t work
I was so excited when I saw the product. I was like amazing idea. So we tried it out but if I insert it before my son goes to bed he tends to pull it out. And the other problem while sleeping it didn’t give full coverage was not there so there were leaks on the bed. It does help to insert this into the goodnite underwear because it gives it an extra layer of absorbency and protection which is why I gave it the 3 stars because it can be useful.
Great quality
These are awesome, you just insert into the little ones underwear. My little boy had an accident and he was so excited that he didn’t get it all over his sheets like usual. Easy clean up, just throw away the pad replace with a new one and back to bed he went. No more needing to change his whole outfit and the sheets on his bed.
Great and discreet
My son now he feels comfortable spending the night at family’s house with out worrying if he will have an accident! These are very absorbent! They stay in place all night and are easy to dispose of,

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