Lumi by Pampers Newborn Diapers Jumbo - Compatible with Lumi Sleep System

4.7 5 0 306 306 <li>Lumi by Pampers diapers are enhanced with a secure attachment area for the Lumi by Pampers Smart Sleep Sensor (sold separately); designed exclusively for use as part of the Lumi by Pampers Sleep Routine System.</li> <li>When used with the Lumi by Pampers Sleep Sensor (sold separately), you can seamlessly monitor your baby’s complete sleep 24/7, including naps, because daytime naps impact baby’s overnight sleep.</li> <li>Features up to 12 hours of overnight protection. Available in Newborn Diapers to Diapers Size 4 (size N-2 come with umbilical cord notch)</li> <li>The Lumi by Pampers Smart Sleep Sensor (sold separately) is exclusively compatible with Lumi by Pampers Diapers.</li>
Lumi by Pampers Newborn Diapers Jumbo - Compatible with Lumi Sleep System


Only pampers
There's a reason the hospital only provides these during your stay at the hospital with a newborn. Only brand I trust.
A good backup
We are a huggies family, but had mostly good experiences with pampers. The only thing we weren't crazy about is that they were scented.
The only diapers we use
I’ll admit I wanted to use a “clean” brand of diapers, and through trial and error, I’ve tried them all and the ONLY brand that worked best for us was pampers, specifically the swaddlers type! We’ve been using them for 6 years! The best coverage and security with these.
I was hesitant with pampers at first because I was looking for more eco friendly, all natural diaper brands. I threw that out the window when I tried these and had NO blowouts. These were the most protective diapers and saved my baby and I a lot of hassle.
Great nappies
These diapers are undeniably soft and feel gentle against delicate newborn skin. We had minimal leaks and blowouts, even with heavy nighttime feedings. We didn't use the Lumi function.
This are one of the best baby diapers out there in the market. They last long approximately 12 hours and doesn't leak as compare to others. They also do not cause any rashes and are soft!
Great fit
Perfect for newborns! My child never had a rash due to these diapers, they held the waste and did not have any blowouts. I appreciate that the material is soft and not irritating on the skin.
I love the Pampers brand. These are wonderful, and I trust the name Pampers.
Great budjet friendly diaper
I’ve been on a quest for budget friendly diapers. Overall these are my go-to choice. They hold up well, the quality is great and they’re absorbent. We haven’t had a single mess in these. No leaking or anything. No rashes, no discomfort which is something I take very seriously for my little one. We’ve been through quite a few of these large boxes and overall, I will continue to purchase these. The filling is like other pampers, no fluff
Pampers were the. Best from size 1-5
This diapers are very soft, super absorbing, fits pretty well and seems comfortable on my baby. However , the most she was growing up the size of the diapers didn’t belong to the weight she had. So when she was size 6 the sides started marking her legs so I change to Huggies . Other wise they work pretty well.
Baby Mia
My niece only use pampers since she was born it very good for sensitive skin and hold urine no mess at all
Pampers forever
I have used pampers with all 3 of my kids. They are by far the best diapers on the market. I will forever be a fan of these that are so perfect for my baby. They keep him dry and comfortable.
Love pampers!
These hold quite a bit of liquid and don’t leak like other brands. I am very satisfied with this brand and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a quality product!
When I say I swear by this brand, I mean it. When my son was born we were gifted other brands and always leaked. Once I switched to pampers I never had this issue. No leaks, no rash nothing. This is my brand.
I thought they was terrible they have my newborn a awful rash and leaked after the first pee they are a couple dollars higher in cost and just did not do the job they are made I world not remind them to anyone

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