(2) Pull-Ups® New Leaf - 3T/4T Boys

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(2) Pull-Ups® New Leaf - 3T/4T Boys


Pull ups
Pull-Ups New Leaf 3T/4T for boys has been a real game-changer in our potty training journey. These training pants have made the transition from diapers to underwear a breeze for my toddler.What sets Pull-Ups New Leaf apart is the comfort and ease of use. They feel like real underwear, which makes my son feel like a big kid. The stretchy sides are perfect for independent pulling up and down, fostering his self-sufficiency.In terms of absorbency, they've proven reliable, preventing leaks during the potty training process. I also appreciate that they're made with plant-based ingredients, which aligns with our eco-friendly values.The cute designs on these training pants have added a fun element to the process, making my son excited to wear them. These Pull-Ups have not just made potty training more convenient but also boosted his confidence.Pull-Ups New Leaf for boys is a must-have for parents embarking on the potty training journey.
Great quality!
Huggies pull ups are the best quality pull up there is! You cannot go wrong with these. I find that they are the softest and most absorbent. These are the only ones that do not break my son out. Definitely recommend.
Pull ups
We have been buying Huggies Pull Ups for our grandson when they are over visiting, they are very easy for him to pull up and down when he needs to go potty and they dont leak at all.
Soft and absorbent!
We had a fantastic experience with Pull-Ups New Leaf during our potty training journey. These training pants were a game-changer for our toddler. Not only are they incredibly soft and gentle on their sensitive skin, but they also provide excellent absorbency, ensuring a comfortable experience throughout the day. The convenient side tabs make removal a breeze, making potty time a stress-free process for both parents and little ones. If you're looking for a high-quality training pant that prioritizes both comfort and convenience, Pull-Ups New Leaf is definitely worth considering.
Absorbent disposable training pants
As far as these being pull-up diapers, these are great! They are super absorbent, the toddler knows when he is wet, but isn't terribly inconvenienced by it, and they seem to fit well. As far as being TRAINING pants, not so much - maybe they work better into a potty training routine for other kids, but for mine, they were just used as larger sized diapers. He knew when he used it, but it didn't bother him, so he'd play in it for another hour or two - no encouragement to use the toilet. Again, they are great as diapers and convenient for the parents. but not much help in potty training other than keeping outer clothing dry.
Best for toddlers
When you think that huggies can not be better comes new leaf. Its texture is soft on contact with the foot, without causing any eczema to the toddler's skin. It lasts longer than a diaper, its design is dynamic and the little ones like.
Not good
They not good for training at all because of the stickers on the sides to open it and close again my boy was itchy all the time an because is hard on this part was making scratches on my baby.i do not recommend
These are perfect for potty training my son really took in the idea that he was wearing big boy undies. They are easy to pull down and pull up. These designs make these so fun.
Characters make it more fun!
The diaper holds up well and holds in well. Love the added characters for added fun!
no leaks
I love Pull-Ups, they're strong and absorbent and they don't leak. They're soft and gentle on their skin and moves when they move. And of course, they love the characters on the front
Great pull ups
I tried many brands and store brand and finally I found this one very soft and absorbent. This one with my little one is not leaking compares to others. I strongly recommend it.
Plant-based pull ups
I like these because they have no harsh chemicals. They're very soft and absorbent. I have to had any problems with leaks. Thats something we struggle to find with all the different brands out there my child still leaks through, but not in these.
You’re missing out !!!
Wow, just wow ! We’ve always been a luvs product family for 8 years now ! My youngest son was always leaking thru at night in luvs . My husband recommended we try these , and I’m soooo grateful I gave this product a chance ! Not one leak ! Price isn’t to shabby either , I deff recommend these diapers !

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