Zarbee’s Children’s Multivits + Immune Support

4.3 5 0 3 3 Like all Zarbee’s® immune support products, this great-tasting immune support for kids is packed with almost 50% pure honey. Its curated multi-vitamin formula includes naturally derived rosehip extract, which is naturally rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin D to support the normal function of the immune system, Zinc that helps to protect cells from oxidative stress and Biotin that supports the maintenance of mucous membranes to keep them healthy, including the lining of the throat and airways.
Zarbee’s Children’s Multivits + Immune Support


Zarbee’s - pros and cons.
Having tried other multivitamins, mostly gummies, I was intrigued to try a liquid as my daughter has always seemed to prefer medicines in liquid form. I have been giving my daughter Zarbee's for two weeks now and she loves it to the point that she asked for "medicine" at bed time and her favorite phrase at the minute is "mmmm deeelicious". I'm not sure if it's a coincidence or not but my daughter used to cough quite a bit through the night and since taking Zarbee's, this has reduced significantly. Possibly due to the honey?. My only suggestion to make the product better would be to include a syringe and similar bottle top to Calpol as my daughter has a habit of trying to grab the spoon and can get a bit messy sometimes. Overall a 4/5 for me.
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Good quality child friendly
We have been using this product for a couple of weeks with our 3 year old. The cup that comes with the bottle is great to use compared to a spoon that you normally get with these products. Our daughter doesn't mind the taste, and actually is at a point of asking for it daily. We always try to give our daughter the best start, eating healthy, taking vitamins, etc. This is a winner in my eyes as no issues with taking the product
Improvement of health of my little one
This was for my daughter that is always getting poorly specially in winter time she’s extremely skinny and very picky with this I was very surprised she likes the taste of this vitamins. I can see that since she started taking this she didn’t get poorly witch is a very positive outcome. Something that I really like about this product is it comes with a measuring cup a lot better that the spoon and I or my daughter can easily split on the floor but this little cup makes it a lot easier. I would recommend this to a friend and I will definitely buy it again

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