Pooch Creamery mélange pour crème glacée au beurre d’arachide pour chiens

4,8 5 0 32 32 Votre chien peut maintenant déguster une VRAIE crème glacée pour chiens à la maison ! Il suffit d’ajouter de l’eau à ce mélange en poudre, puis de le congeler pour obtenir une crème glacée pour chien. Pooch Creamery est lisse et crémeux, tout comme la crème glacée, mais avec une fraction de matières grasses et des calories, et formulé pour la digestion de votre chien. Gardez votre chien au frais avec le mélange pour crème glacée Pooch Creamery : une crème glacée saine et naturelle pour chiens. Le mélange Pooch Creamery est un moyen sain de donner à votre chien une délicieuse friandise à la crème glacée qui lui fera remuer la queue à chaque fois.
Pooch Creamery mélange pour crème glacée au beurre d’arachide pour chiens


My dog loved it!
I got it for my dog for the first time 3 years ago and I had to buy it again multiple time since then she loved it so much.
Dogs loved it
Amazing treat for the dogs. It looked so yummy I almost indulged myself. Highly recommend. Every flavor was a great hit.
Excellente gâterie pour nos amis les chiens j'adore ce produit car mon chien en rafolle
Quick & Easy
I got birthday cake flavor for my dog. It was easy enough to make, simple instructions. Kind of on the pricy side considering it's a DIY ice cream. I did struggle getting it out of the container once frozen, an issue I don't have with regular ice cream. As a result, he got to kick it right out of the container more often than not.. He didn't complain one bit though, he enjoyed every minute of it. Would purchase again just based on convenience.
My dog just loved this!
I bought this for my dogs 10th birthday and she absolutely LOVED it! It was super easy to make too!
My dog just loves
My dog (April ) just loves it. I only gave it to her after super. She eats it all up.
He loved this, but the price...
My puppy Pepper loved this, however, I couldn't justify feeding this to him on a regular basis because of the price. I like how you can freeze it which is really handy on those hot days to cool the puppy down.
Mine and the neighbour pooches loved it
It seems to be a little difficult to find, but when I came across it, I had to see if my fur-baby would like it. It's easy to make and freezes very well. A wonderful guilt free treat for my baby girl. We usually give her a kiddie-cup size and she loves it.
Love it
So simple mu 5 year old nephew made it and my dogs loved it
Dog Treat Ice Cream
This product was excellent,exspecially with summer around the corner. You can make this ice cream in about 3mins tops and then ready to freeze. When frozen your dogs have a great way to cool down and also have a treat. Love this product, but very hard to find where i live unfortunately. My dogs love it, and i would love to buy more, but cant find it! Any1 know where i can purchase this?
My dogs loves it
I bought the birthday cake flavor of pooch ice cream and my dog goes nuts for this stuff. He loves regular ice cream and since it has lots of sugar and dairy I don’t feel good giving him more than a couple of licks so this is a great safe alternative!
My dog loves this
Anything peanut butter my dog goes crazy for. This brand is no exception! Lol
Dogs love it
Love it everytime I buy it they want it right away Taste just like real ice cream as well because I tasted it wish they had more flavors to choose from would very much so recommend it
I have two dogs, a Dane and a bull mastiff. They fight over peanut butter and steal jars out of cupboards like Houdini. I bought them each one of these and smeared on the rippled treat pads for dogs and they were in heaven and quiet for at least 1 hour!!
My pup loves the treat
My dog loves having his own bowl of ice cream! I like that this is made specifically for dogs - no more letting my husband give the pup “people” ice cream when the dog can have his own!


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