gateries de poulet VitaLife toutes les friandises naturelles pour chiens

4,8 5 0 104 104 Nourrissez vos amis à fourrure bien-aimés avec toutes les friandises pour chiens naturelles, saines et délicieuses qui ont un goût aussi bon que sonore. Les filets de poulet entièrement naturels VitaLife sont faibles en gras, riches en protéines animales, faits de filet de poitrine de poulet de qualité supérieure à 100%.
gateries de poulet VitaLife toutes les friandises naturelles pour chiens


Picky Dora
My Dora is selective of the treats she likes and these are her favorites!
Love it!
The first time I purchased this Luna was a bit hesitant to try it. Once she tasted it she could not get enough! She constantly tried to persuade me to give her more. I love this because now I have an easier time to get her to do something she really doesn’t want to do, I show her the package and she is putty in my hands! I will continue to purchase this.
More please
My Newfoundland, Lacey, loves the chicken jerky treats. I feel good about giving them to her they are all natural and healthy. She would eat the whole bag in one sitting if I let her.
He loved these!
My puppy Pepper loved these! They are great as a treat and to use in potty training. It isn't too hard to find a treat that he likes but he really seemed to enjoy these. I really like that there is only one ingredient and no extra fillers. Would recommend this, especially to all new puppy owners!
My puppy loves these!!
My puppy’s name is Abcde (Ab-said-dee) but we call hee Abby for short. Abcde absolutely loves the chicken strips, chicken jerky basically. She loves them so much we have resorted to breaking the strips into smaller chunks so that she thinks she is getting more than she is. She will do unadulterated tricks just incase you will reward her with a chicken treat. It’s actually the only time she begs is when she knows we have them. Then when they are gone she gets the bag to check and make sure they are gone. She will prance around the yard with the bag on her head for almost a hour most times before she becomes bored with it and goes on to something else. Highly recommended to anyone with a bit of a picky dog or someone like me who just can’t do the cheap treats with no idea what is in them. I like to be able to identify what I put in my Abby’s mouth. Just like my human children.
My dog says they're Delicious
These are the perfect treat for our Beagle x Brittany mix who is very food motivated and also tends to tip the scale into overweight they are healthy and low fat and Beado loves them. Our family can feel good about giving hia treat when it's VitaLife Chicken tenders!
My dog loves these!
My dog loves these treats and I feel great for giving her a whole and healthy product! It is literally just chicken! Every time I buy these, I feel like I’m putting in the same effort as going to the grocery store and buying her a fresh pack of chicken! I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who has concerns about other artificial treats, and would like to keep their dog’s treats simple.
Cat and dog team
My cat would get the treats off the top of cupboard and knock it onto the floor so the dog could open the package and then eat together
Pups love it!
Our pups love this stuff and I love that I don’t have to worry about additives or spending time reading label!!
Les gateries préférées de mon chien !
Mon chien a adoré ces gateries qui j'achète régulièrement. Le fait que ce soit 100% naturel est un plus pour la santé de mon chien. 100% je recommende.
VitaLife Chicken Tenders
I have a chihuahua and they are notoriously famous for being very picky selective eaters. She won’t eat any of the treats that all other dogs go for. We were very frustrated as we were trying to train her. She wouldn’t even eat liver treats! However, when we saw this brand of real chicken treats. We decided to try them. Even though they are dehydrated they were not almost powder. They are surprisingly soft yet dried out and made with real chicken. Well she loves them! She has learned among other commands sit, sit pretty, beg, paw and will even walk upright for quite awhile following the treat! That was 3 years ago and still going strong! We have tried other brands but kept going back. She even loves 3 of the other flavours they make and still will not eat any of the other so called regular dog treats. I will and and have recommended this product!
Great Taste
My Pomeranian Luna loves these Chicken Treats. Affordable and very healthy I trust this product for my dog.
Excellent dog treats
My doggie loves these and would eat half the bag if I didn't stop him. I love that it is made for real chicken and my dog really enjoys them. I would say that these treats are more for larger dogs because of the size.
Dog Treats Vitalife Chicken Tenders
My 2 dogs both love them, actually most of the Vitalife products my dogs like! The only issue i have with the chicken tenders is that sometimes i find they choke on them. They are kinda of stringy in a hard way, so your dog must chew them well. Other then that they are a good treat!
Favorite treat for my princess
I have an extremely fussy pup and she absolutely loves, loves, loves these treats. She will turn her nose up at most other options but will literally go bananas when she sees a bag of these come in the house on grocery day!

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