Prime Bones avec Bison de Pâturage Gâteries en Forme d’Os

4,7 5 0 77 77 Comblez l’amour instinctif de votre chien à mâcher avec les gâteries à mâcher pour chiens Purina Prime Bones avec bison de pâturage. Ces gâteries à mâcher pour chiens naturelles et très durables avec du calcium ajouté sont sans cuir brut et offrent une gâterie sûre et naturellement comestible que votre chien adorera à coup sûr.
Prime Bones avec Bison de Pâturage Gâteries en Forme d’Os


Something different
Picky doesn't even explain my dog.But she loved these!! She never Eats anything out of the ordinary. I'm not sure what is so special about these things. But if you have a picky pooch like mine, give these a try.
Dog knows when these come out
My dog loves them and he's picky won't eat bacon but loves these licks up every last crumb left behind
Dogs love them!!
I have a picky dog who won’t eat many treats, and another who eats anything….. both enjoy these treats and come to meet me when the package is being opened. I have LGD’s, so no treats last long, but these take them a little bit to eat them. Giving them a nice ‘break’ while they enjoy it. Price wise, they aren’t too expensive, compared to similar products.
My dog loves
These are great. My dogs loves them, they are more of a treat as she can finish them quick and they do crumble so are a bit messy.
Good for price
Dog liked them quick 5 minute chew good value for what you get
Dog loved it
My dog absolutely loves this product. He is a chewer and it takes him a while to chew these up
Not buying again
My dog is a picky eater, but he took one sniff of these and refused to even try it. Not sure why, but I won't be buying them again.
Our dog loved them!
We work hard to ensure we only give the best to our four legged pal. These were a welcome addition as they lacked many of the gross additives. Our dog loved them, the only iddues was that he went through them a little quick, but overall great product!
Maya a testé vos bâtonnets tendres Prime Meaty et elle les a adoré. Du moment que j'en ai sorti un, elle s'est 'jetée' sur celui-ci donc cela indique qu'elle les a adorées.
Long lasting dog treat
We have 4 fussy dogs who tend to enjoy the stinkiest of treats so these Purina Prime dog Bones are a favourite around here. The dogs love them, they are long lasting and best of all, they don’t stink! Our pups fav is the venison flavour and they come with 4 in a pack which is ideal for our household. Give them a try! You won’t be dissatisfied- nor will your dogs haha
Very good!
We Got a coupon for this product so we had to try it and I have to say my dog just loved them rigth away! I recommend them to every pet owner!
Great product
My animals absolutely love these treats. It made it very easy to teach and curve some bad habbits they both had. To this very day i still use mostly prime products and i always will.
German shepherd approved
I bought these off Amazon. My German shepherd Koda loved them. I wish they were longer lasting and kept her occupied longer but she didn’t seem to mind. I think she gobbled one up within 5 minutes. They must have been good because she sniffed me for more.
Loved them
Bought for my sisters dog, he loved them and they are great especially for bad breath.
Better then some
Large dog enjoyed them didn't last very long though

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