Milk-Bone régals tendres et fondants gâteries pour chiens poulet 113g

4,7 5 0 175 175 Les chiens ne peuvent pas résister au goût du poulet grillé! Et pourquoi devraient-ils s’en priver? Les régals tendres et fondants Milk-Bone à la recette au poulet sont si charnus qu’on les croirait frais grillés au barbecue! Un goût irrésistiblement bon que votre chien mérite bien.
Milk-Bone régals tendres et fondants gâteries pour chiens poulet 113g


perfect reward
I used these to help train my puppy to go out to pee they worked awesome it only took a week of training and now she has no more accidents in the house
My dog loves it
I use these as rewards for nice leash behavior and it works. My dog is eager to cooperate when I have these.
Nice Treat
I have 4 dogs and I have bought this many times and I have to say 1out of my 4 did not like them...
Dog treats
Rufus is very fussy when it comes to his treats… I’ve tried different kinds but the soft and chewy are his favourite.
M'y dog live this
Un peu cher mais tellement aimé par mon chien que j en racheté toujours
Milk Bone
I buy these all the time, my furbabies just love them
3 woofs from my dog
My dog really seems to love these treats. As she ages, she is getting fussier. She will always take these ones. In fact, when she doesn’t really want her dinner, I can break one of these over her bowl and she gobbles everything up.
My picky eater approves
My chihuahua is getting up in age and this is the only treat he has ever accepted.
Best treats for my dogs
I can get whichever size i need. I have 2 large dogs, one with allergies. This milkbone they love it and no allwrgy problems. YEAH!
No teeth? No issue
I give everyone a treat when I leave the house. I want to keep it fair and give one to everyone including those with missing teeth. Hard to do until I found this product! Even my fosters get treats now and everyone is content when I leave. They know when I go to the cupboard they are included in the reward. Perfect!
Dog loves it
It's soft, cheap priced, dog goes nuts for it. I am happy that she loved it so much for the price I paid for it. And didn't hurt her teeth as it's soft. I would recommend this to anyone with an older dog that has not the greatest teeth.
My Doggo Liked It
He loved them and he is pretty picky. He usually doesn't go for chicken.
My dog Max
Purchased this product 6 months ago and my boy Max loves it, excellent product
Great Easy Treat
My small dog loves the softness to these treats. They can be split in half for a small snack or given in whole for larger treats. Great for small dogs, who may be a little older with bad teeth. She had no issues eating these and loved the flavour! Definitely will buy again!
My picky thinks he's a people ,dog
My dog Jakamo would eat people food all the time if i let him. Even with that he's snooty. These are the only treats for dogs he really likes . The Chicken treats have vitamins i like that . He's also older now and the soft is the easier pain free option as well.

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