Pooch Creamery mélange pour crème glacée au beurre d’arachide pour chiens

4,8 5 0 32 32 Votre chien peut maintenant déguster une VRAIE crème glacée pour chiens à la maison ! Il suffit d’ajouter de l’eau à ce mélange en poudre, puis de le congeler pour obtenir une crème glacée pour chien. Pooch Creamery est lisse et crémeux, tout comme la crème glacée, mais avec une fraction de matières grasses et des calories, et formulé pour la digestion de votre chien. Gardez votre chien au frais avec le mélange pour crème glacée Pooch Creamery : une crème glacée saine et naturelle pour chiens. Le mélange Pooch Creamery est un moyen sain de donner à votre chien une délicieuse friandise à la crème glacée qui lui fera remuer la queue à chaque fois.
Pooch Creamery mélange pour crème glacée au beurre d’arachide pour chiens


Dog ice cream
I usually make my own doggie ice cream; but this was so easy to use. My dog loved it as much as my homemade.
Le chien est membre de la famille
Ma famille est composé de 2 adultes 3 enfants , 2 chiens. Ils font parti de notre famille. C'est plaisant de pouvoir partager un plaisir estival avec eux , ça diminue les risque de coup de chaleur , ils peuvent profiter de la chaleur plus longtemps
Dog Ice Cream
We got this for our pup to celebrate her first birthday! It came as a powder and we just had to add water and mix and freeze. We only gave her about 1/3 of it, so that she wouldn't feel too full. She absolutely loved it, couldn't stop lapping it up! And there was lots left over to have the next night. Will be continuing this tradition for each of her birthdays!
Husky pup loved it
Great healthy product. My pup adores this ice cream. Perfect for when his humans are having a cold treat. Now he can have his own. It freezes quite hard due to being water but that’s really the only “downside” that I can find. He loved it. Highly recommend.
Paws up
My dog loves ice-cream, he will eat any flavor it comes in but the peanut butter is the flavor I get, normally I get it online but it's more expensive. I always feel bad when I have my ice-cream and can't give him any, this is perfect for him. Easy to make and no mess to clean up.
Dog loved it
My dog is a very picky eater and he loves this ice cream!! So I buy it a couple times through out the summer this year for him!!
Can they make a human version?
My three dogs go CRAZY over this product and I have had to resist from not trying it myself. It smells so good and unlike other dog treats that do not come in kibble form this product does not leave a mess. You can also put it on your dogs lick pad and it does not take forever to remove it
Ils adorent
Quoi dire de plus qu'ils ont adoré ,ils auraient pu y passer la soirée !!! Merveilleuse gâterie,format,prix ,mais difficile à trouver par chez nous. J'espère d'autres du même genre bientôt!!!
Pooch creamery
My dog absolutely loved it. Will buy again.
Dog love it!
As soon as my dog sees it she goes crazy. As soon as I go towards the fridge she knows what she's getting.
Dog approved
My dog absolutely goes crazy when she knows she's getting this ice cream. We want ice cream on a hot day and so does your dog, this is ice cream your dogs will thank you for in licks and tail wags!
My dogs love it. They do a widdle dance when see it out
First few bites
Furbaby loved first few bites, and then ignored it
Pup loves it
We have 2 big dogs at home that both go absolutely crazy over this. Absolutely recommend. Great way to make your fur babies happy
My pup loved it!
I received this product in a subscription box I purchased for my dog. It was very easy to make .. you simply add to water to a powder mix provided, stir well and freeze. My dog loved it!! She has a sensitive tummy so I was very concerned with the amount and size of the serving. I only let her have a bit each time but I’m the end a lot of it got wasted. I would love if they made this in a smaller size for my small dog.


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