Clinique For Men Cream Shave

4.8 5 0 70 70 Clinique For Men Cream Shave is a rich, lathering shave cream that leaves skin sleek, smooth, and comfortable.
Clinique For Men Cream Shave


Great product
Great shaving cream ! Leaves skin soft ! Son love it
A very good shave cream. It leaves your skin safe and moisturized.
The best
Hands down this stuff is amazing makes shaving a breeze the hair just washes off the razor too and it doesn't grab or hurt when I shave!
Works well
This cream shave has a nice feel. It left skin feeling moisturized afterwards, and it has a nice smell as well. I would recommend this. It makes a great gift for the man in your life as well.
Clean shave
My husband uses this. He likes it. It goes on smoothly and doesn't dry out his skin. He says it's worth the money.
Simply A Good Product
A clean shave, it is soft easy to use and feels amazing on the skin. Its so good my brother borrows it from me because he likes it so much.
My husband liked it
My husband wrote this one: Clinique For Men Cream Shave for some time now, and it has truly elevated my shaving experience. Here's why I believe it's worth every penny:Smooth Shave: This cream provides an incredibly smooth and comfortable shave. It's rich and creamy, allowing the razor to glide effortlessly across the skin. It minimizes irritation and reduces the likelihood of nicks and razor burn.Moisturizing: What sets this cream apart is its moisturizing properties. It not only helps to soften the beard for a closer shave but also leaves the skin feeling incredibly hydrated. There's no need for an additional post-shave moisturizer; it does the job beautifully.Sensitivity: I have sensitive skin, and I'm pleased to say that this cream is gentle and soothing. It doesn't cause redness or discomfort, making it suitable for those with sensitive or easily irritated skin.
Nice cream for men
I had to get my husband to stop using my face creams! lol he really likes this one and I think we will stick with it.
Boyfriend loves!
I got this for my boyfriend at Ulta and he really likes it. He says it stays on better than shaving cream while shaving and leaves his skin feeling really soft after. A little pricey, but seems worth it!
Clinique is good
Used for roughly 3 weeks. My skin type probably isn't right for this product. I have had others that worked better for me. It did leave my skin soft and moisturized, however I also got breakouts with it.
I bought this for my husband because of reviews. I’m happy I did. It leaves his face so soft and it smells good. He gets hardly any nicks. My only complaint is it’s a little pricey.
Little pricey
Clinique shave cream leaves your face so soft. Excellent smell. A little pricey but worth it.
my husband loves using this and it is one of his favorites
This will make your next shave the best you have ever had, smooth, refreshing, nice sent
Smells so good
I bought this for my husband and let me say it smells so good. He gets a clean shave and prefers this to the normal can brand I was buying.

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