O-Puff Marshmallows Ube

4.9 5 0 53 53 Oishi O-Puff, soft, fluffy marshmallows with rich creamy filling of Ube. Puff-tastic sa sarap!
O-Puff Marshmallows Ube


I really love and highly recommend this product! It's a mallows with a filling inside. No katter what flavor you chose, it is still good whether it's ube, chocolate, matcha, every flavors of this product is WAY TOO delicious!! I really can't enough with this.
So good!
Good for snacks or desserts! This new flavor gives off authentic ube flavor. So fluffy in mouth and fun to eat because of its filling. Highly recommended, especially for those who love the ube flavor!!
I so love these!
These are chewy and they taste so good. I always buy them I fi get the chance.
Very tasty Ube
Super love this product! The texture of the coating is just right chewy. The ube inside is very tasty and very flavorful. I loved it from the first time I tasted it. Will definitely include this on my grocery list.
O puff ubeeebelove
bukod sa masarap ito hindi din sya sobrang tamis saktong sakto sa taste ko and favorite ko talaga ang ube kaya lagi ako bumibili nito.
So Good
I love this super cute sweet candy and it's fluffy. I love how it melts in your mouth and it also have different flavors but this one is my favorite. I also love the packaging. I rated it 4/5 because it's a bit sweet and nakaka sawa siya if kumain ka nang madami
Love it!
I tried this product when my husband's cousin gave it to me. And I was looking out for more. It is so delicious and addicting. I really love the flavour and the sensation when the product melts in your mouth. I will definitely buy it for myself.
As someone who is fond of sweets and adores marshmallows to bits, seeing O-Puff release a new flavor, specifically one I enjoy most, was amazing. The mallows are soft and melt in your mouth once popped, chewy and with a smooth filling. Not overly sweet but if you eat a handful, it might be a sugar rush ride.
So ito na nga,at first di ko maintindihan yung anak ko kung anong ibig sabhin ng O'puff,akala kong anong staff lng sya that she wanted me to buy.Then,nung tinanung ko sa counter yan pala sya.Sarap nya kase may laman sa loob,maeenjoy tlga ng bata.Available rin sya in any flavor like,Matcha,chocolate etc.Awesome.
Can't stop popping!
Believe me, you can't stop popping on this one once you tried it.
I love ube!
It’s not that sweet which is perfect for me! I am an ube lover and I like it.
O puff
di mawawala sa list ko ng grocery lalo etong ube flavor palagi kami nabili ng 5 yrs old ko na anak na try na din namin yung ibang flavor nya ako kasi love ko ube flavor nung natikman naman nya nagustuhan nya din pero sa kids alam naman naten na chocolate lover din tlga sla hehehe
This is currently my favorite flavor before the mango one! I am so happy that this new flavor came out. I bought 5 packs of this and have it in my refrigerator every time I go grocery shopping.
O fuff mallow
This is one of my favorite.sobrang sarap malambot at di gaanong matamis.malalasahan mo talaga ang ube na bumagay sa marshmallow .gusto din ito ng mga anak ko kaya sinasama ko to grocery list
simply delicious
this kind of snack is budget and kid-friendly. aside from having a delicious taste, colour is appealing too and easy to chew for toddlers. your kids will enjoy not just the ube filling but also the marshmallow. try it and you'll love it!

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