Mentos Circus Fun Roll

5 5 0 8 8 These exceptionally fresh, chewy candies are perfect for any snacking or craving occasion. We are proud to introduce our Mentos Circus Fun Roll, which is a combination of three exciting fruit flavors.
Mentos Circus Fun Roll


Malamig sa bibig at may konting kilig
One of my favorite candy, i love the 3 flavors, malamig sa bibig at humahagod sa lalamunan, sarap nguyain especially when your killing time and wanted something on your mouth na handy.
New Favorite
This is my go to candy whenever I go to 7/11 or any grocery store. Always end up buying more than 2 and keep it in my bags.
Loved all 3 flavors. Love the colors. Yum. Fun flavors
Refreshing breath @ menthol.
Mabango sa bunganga,kahit Saan pwede ka makabili at feeling fresh talaga sa mouth.masarap,at madami kang flavor na pag pwede sya ilagay sa bulsa .at lalo na sa byahi.
I love this product
Nice product. Tasty. Fun to eat. I love this product
Nice and fun
Nice product, it has 3 fun flavor. Good for a snack trip.
Fun to eat
What I like about this product is it has 3 fun flavors, which makes it enjoyable.
It's full of surprises
I love the different flavors in one pack it is really is a circus, I love the taste dynamic from sweet to tangy, everything is so refreshing, hopefully something minty will be included too. I usually go for the menthos air but this one is worth the try.

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