X.O. Milk Tea Candy

4.9 5 0 207 207 X.O. Milk Tea Candy gives you an extraordinarily satisfying experience with every piece, every time you're just craving!
X.O. Milk Tea Candy


milktea lover
unique taste of candy a milk tea flavor..since i like x.o brand of candy this nice also... my co worker really like also always ask me f i buy can she had one pack coz i give her one time she really like also☺️
New fave!
Para sa mga lagi nag ccrave ng milktea pero wala pa budget eto try nyo to satisfy that craving, masarap sya.
Good alternative for late night milktea cravings
This X.O Candy Milktea Flavor will suit those who like candy and milktea at the same time. It almost tastes the same as the milktea in some branded stores only that it lacks the boba part. I eat this one whenever I'm craving for milktea during late nights but can't seem to find an open store to buy one.
It's a good alternative for milktea cravings. For those people who loves candy and milktea at the same time, then it's the good product for you. It's also an alternative for milktea cravings because it is available in every sarisari store and grocery stores, and at the same time it is also cheap. The taste is similar to milktea that we usually buy. It is not also very sweet, it has a balance of sweetiness, good for every taste buds.
X.O milk tea
I have always in my table. When i low budget X.O is my saviour for my cravings.
Milktea Flavor candy. 😁👍
The candy got the milktea flavor, the sweetness and tea flavor. Buy I wish the candy has the tea flavor than the sweetness. A good product to have in your pocket when your outside.
Milk Tea Craving Satisfied
Just like their other flavor this one perfectly hits your taste buds for Milk Tea Cravings, Its similar flavor for me is Winter melon Milk tea . You can have it anytime, anywhere.
If you're craving milk tea but you're low on budget, I suggest you get one of these in your mouth get the milk tea feels you want.
Just like milktea
It really does taste like a milk tea; like a chai milk tea. Its creamy, and i can taste the boba into it too, i'm amazed by it but it is a little too sweet for my liking but perfect whenever we crave for a milk tea. Perfect way to describe it is "milktea on the go". Currently putting some on my bag.
Taste like flower
Its sweet and taste like flower or lets say smell of a flower perfume for me. Im looking for the tea flavor. But if your looking or craving for milk tea but dont have a buget that moment well its for you.
Cravings satisfied!
Always craving for your favorite milk tea but can't see any stores? Why cant have a pocket size of milk tea everywhere and anytime? This XO candy can do it for you. Satisfies your milk tea craving anytime,anywhere 😉
X.O MilkTea
Milk Tea on the go. Yummy. Kids love it.
Real milktea
My sister has a mini store so she repeatedly buying for her stocks becuase kids love it. Taste of real milktea and if you want some sweetness you could try these.
Closest thing to having a milktea break!
A colleague brought a pack of this to work one day and because food delivery was quite difficult that day, I decided to give this a try and couldn't get enough of it. Neat milktea taste but won't leave you feeling sugar rush. Love love love!
Lasang lasa ang milktea!
XO os my go to candy kapag nabobored. kaya when i found out na meron nang milktea flavor, ay! try agad yan! ang saraaaaaaap! lasang lasa mo yun milktea. Try nyo rin, kapag may milktea cravings kayo

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