Potchi Orange Pastilles

5 5 0 36 36 Have a treat of this orange flavored pastille candy that is packed with 100% vitamins. A delicious candy for people of all ages.
Potchi Orange Pastilles


I recommend this candy product potchi orange pastilles dahil masarap po ito at tsaka no preservatives pa ito gustong gusto po ng mga anak ko dahil sa orange flavor niya. Salamat.
I really love how soft it is and it taste like real oranges but not so sweet!
I really love this potchi and also my baby it's her favorite. It taste so good and it smooth to eat. Super affordable the price and no hesitant to buy this kind of products. More flavors to come.
Eye catcher
Ive seen a flavor in the isle which is new to me, so I grab it and pay it afterwards and I didnt made a mistake on buying it. Keep on creating new flavors so everyone can enjoy the product. Just keep your eye in the sugar level so it wouldnt be too sweet.
Masarap, one of my faves, loved the flavor of orange and gumminess..
Potchi Orange
My son loves strawberry flavor potchi but when I introduced this orange flavor he suddenly had a changed of heart! He loves this potchi Orange! It has Vitamin C Moms! Orange for your sweet tooth babies!!
Love love love love love love love love love love it
My children
Panalo po ito sobra! Lalo para sa mga anak ko! Sobrang nauubos nila yan ng isang upuan, pero after naman nagtutooth brush naman sila! 😂
Super Potchi orange
Naku ito yung lagi ko binibili sa Grocery ,kahit ng Birthday ng Baby ko kasama to sa binili ko
Lovin the new variety!
The usual Potchi is a classic. But this is Orange Pastilles is the next level! I love the new texture they gave, not really a gummy bear chewiness but even better! My son loved it!
I love this so much it taste so good the orange tanginess is addicting that makes me buy it again and again but i want it to be more bigger because for me it's bitin but i will always recommend this product to all because it's just so good.
Good day
This product is really good, my daughter and niece love it,whenever i go to supermarket they always remind me to buy potchi orange pastilles ,overall it was great even the packaging, i recommend this product 100%.Thank you very much.
Potchi orange pastilles
Chewy sarap.. Addicting! Once you opened a pack.. It woukd be hard to stop.
Great product
My son really loved this new flavor from Potchi! Hindi pwedeng wala nito everytime magggrocery ako. Junkfoods and candies are not allowed in our house pero Potchi is an excuse! It contains Vitamins C kasi kaya guilt-free feeling na din ako.
Healthy and Delicious!
My sisters and I really love potchi. I like this orange flavor especially for its 100% vitamin C along with other vitamins, this makes me feel less guilty about consuming a lot of this sweet little delights!

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