Philosophy Holly & Jolly 3-in-1 Shampoo Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

4.1 5 0 13 13 sharing cheerful memories with friends and family is what makes the holidays special. inspired by the moments of decking the halls, singing around the tree and setting the table together, our limited-edition holly & jolly shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath delivers a 3-in-1 award-winning, multitasking formula that leaves hair and skin feeling cleansed and conditioned all winter long.
Philosophy Holly & Jolly 3-in-1 Shampoo Shower Gel & Bubble Bath


I love the smell of this. It is definitely something I will recommend for anyone who like smother feeling
This smells good but that is about it. I think this product is trying to do too many things. It is a very heavy shampoo which may work for thick hair, but not thin. For a bubble bath it isn’t very effective.
Not great for bubble bath
Great scent in bottles, but not a great bubble bath- don’t foam up or last long in tub; not great as shampoo either as it leaves my hair (thick) weighed down. Fine as a shower gel though
Smells like Christmas
Philosophy Holly & Jolly 3-in-1 Shampoo Shower Gel & Bubble Bath smells of Christmas and it’s simply heartwarming. This can be used as both a shower gel and bath bubble but my favourite is to use it as a bubble. The scent is beyond happiness and Philosophy is a very good brand with high quality ingredients. Would HIGHLY recommend.
Love the smell!
I love the smell of this body wash its so refreshing! It's hard to find where I'm from so if I see it i scoop up 3 or more. It makes my skin silky smooth and clean!
I love it, it smells very good, very soft texture
very good
I've used the philosophy 3 in 1 in two scents now - pink frosted animal cracker and fresh cream. So freaking delicious smelling! I've only used it as body wash, so I can't speak to how well it performs as shampoo or bubblebath, but as a body wash it's wonderful.
Relaxing scent
I like the smell of this product so relaxing and feel refresh.
Well I wouldn't suggest using it as a shampoo, but it did make a nice festive shower gel and an ok bubble bath, (had to use a lot but lol it was nice.) I received for Xmas
My little guy loves this as a bubble bath . The smell is amazing and stays for the whole bath .
Seasonal fragrance
Berry with a spice lemon undertone this is a nice fragrance. Why 3 stars? It is very drying. Not that great for sensitive skin. If doesn't linger too long so it won't fight with your perfume or body spray. It is a happy fragrance for the Holiday Season. The drying factor is a no for me. Conclusion: Nice Holiday scent for the person with average skin.
I’ve always been a fan of philosophy products! This one is sooo nice, all the christmas scents i love so much all in one 🥰
C'est pratique et économique tu peux l utilise au cheveux et en même temps pour le corps

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