Dial Spring Water Body Wash 473mL

4.5 5 0 112 112 The NEW Dial products with advanced skin smart formulas are designed with gentle cleansers, moisturizing conditioners and free from Parabens, Phthalates, Silicones. Experience a perfect balance of clean and moisture every time you wash. Brace yourself for this crystal clear body wash infused with freshness. From its brisk scent to its feather-light moisturizers, it leaves your skin feeling healthy and rejuvenated.
Dial Spring Water Body Wash 473mL


Great & effective
For me, a body wash needs to smell great and not dry out my skin. This body wash checks both boxes, with a refreshing, clean scent. It's not overly moisturizing, but it doesn't dry out or irritate my skin, so I'd definitely buy it again (probably in summer).
Made me feel so clean and happy . Would recommend. I hopped out of the shower and it felt like I had just stepped out of a waterfall. Thus product is for anyone who wants to feel sexy.
I really like the fresh scent of this body wash. It lathers nicely as well.
Loved It
Loved the lather and scent, my skin feels fresh and soft
Nice scent!
I loved this body wash. It has a nice scent to it and lathers up nicely. It does a deep clean without overdrying.
Clean skin
Dial body wash has a really great amount of suds when used on a loofah.. I tend to feel more clean the more bubbles I have. Doesn't dry out my skin and smells nice and shower fresh. You don't need a ton on a loofah to get a good lather. Rinces off easily and long lasting scent.
Enjoyed very much!!!
I would definitely buy this product again. Doesn't have an over powering scent Whichnis nice. Comes in many scents and is affordable. Also I loved how gentle it was on my skin did not dry it out like I expected. Overall not the best product but not bad for a relaxing bath!!
Its good and on reasonable price .smell is amazing
It smells really good
Smell Last for awhile and Smells good my kids really liked it as well
Use this everyday
I use this body wash every single day. It's gentle on my sensitive skin, and smells really fresh and wonderful. It leaves a nice scent that lasts on my skin and washes off really easily without leaving itchy residue.
I always have dial products on hand. Even though they are usually on sale they are great. Smells are awesome and it works on making you feel fresh and clean without drying out your skin. Recommend
body soap
its okay and has a nice smell but it dries out the skin
Gentle and soft on your skin
This smells nice and suds to wash your body clean. Easily rinse off.
Moisturing and cleansing
It's a classic body wash. Leaves a distinct clean smell. It isn't drying to your skin and it lathers up very well. Good value for the price
Usually on the Cheaper Side
Usually always in stock at local dollaramas, but may be found cheaper in walmarts! It's not a bad body wash, but I prefer something that lathers a bit more and leaves you feeling moisturized

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