KITCHER 6.8QT Air Fryer

4.7 5 0 167 167 KITCHER KAF6501 air fryer owns 1.7 times Larger Capacity than a 4 QT round basket. KITCHER'S 6.8- Quart Square Nonstick Basket can fit a 6-7 lbs whole chicken but a small round basket won't support. Enjoy big meal with your family, at least 4-6 people.
KITCHER 6.8QT Air Fryer


Culinary Convenience
he KITCHER 6.8QT Air Fryer revolutionizes cooking with its convenient features. With a spacious 6.8-quart capacity, it's perfect for preparing meals for the whole family or hosting gatherings. This air fryer simplifies healthy cooking by reducing the need for oil while still achieving crispy and delicious results. Its user-friendly interface and presets make it easy to use, even for those new to air frying. The sleek design adds a modern touch to any kitchen, and the easy-to-clean basket ensures hassle-free maintenance. Overall, the KITCHER 6.8QT Air Fryer is a must-have for anyone looking to simplify their cooking routine with delicious and healthier meals.
A Healthier Alternative to Deep-Frying
As someone who loves cooking and trying out new recipes, I'm always on the lookout for kitchen appliances that can make my life easier while also providing healthier options for my family. That's why I was excited to try out the KITCHER 6.8QT Air Fryer. The KITCHER 6.8QT Air Fryer is an exceptional kitchen appliance that offers healthier cooking options without compromising on taste and texture. Its versatility, ease of use, durable construction, smart features, affordable price, and positive customer feedback make it a valuable addition to any kitchen. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a healthier alternative to deep-frying.
Worked as Described
This product has truly transformed my hectic life into something much more manageable and enjoyable. Gone are the days when cooking felt like a tedious chore, and I no longer have to deal with the hassle of cleaning up messy ovens. With this air fryer, the possibilities are endless – you can cook just about anything with ease. Its convenience is unmatched, and I've tried other brands before, but none compare to the exceptional performance of this one. If you're looking to streamline your cooking routine and elevate your culinary experience, look no further – this air fryer is the ultimate game-changer!
I purchased for my brother. This was his first appliance of the sort. The unit itself is extremely easy to use and cook with. The cleaning is fairly easy with the teflon type coating.
Ce air fryer est de bonne qualité et il a une grande capacité. Elle cuit les aliments de façon uniforme. Les aliments sont doré à la perfection et bien croustillants. Elle a aussi un beau design.
Perfect all around
And all-around perfect products growing up with this brand wondering if I’d ever see this and living to see it is amazing
Great Air Fryer
I have wanted an air fryer for awhile!! My friend recommended this one because she has one!! I purchased this air fryer and I was not disappointed!! It works great for all the food I love and it's healthier for myself and my kids!!
No more cleaning ovens
This has made my busy life much more manageable as well as enjoyable. Cooking isn't such a chore anymore and no more cleaning messy ovens for me! You can literally cook anything in this air fryer!
I was informed u could do a chicken cookies ect no room for much at all ..maybe better for single or 2 people
A necessity in our kitchen
I love our little air fryer. It has easy-to-follow buttons, cooks like a dream and is very easy to clean. It has saved us from having to use the oven on those hot summer days and is a must in our household
love this air fries. Quick fast snack or a meal ready in less than an hour. non greasie
love it
absolutely fell in love with this thing i use it almost every day and it’s super easy and quick you don’t have to worry about things like you woukd if you used to oven and it’s a lot easier to use then an oven
Works great
I bought this air fryer about 2 years ago and it’s the most used appliance in my kitchen! It works amazingly well, we have basically cooked everything in it, cooking chicken breast is one of my favourite!
Great product
I found it very convenient because it's size is compact. I think it cooks things thoroughly and tasty
Works great and versatile
I think it does a great job on many different items. However, I also find it takes up a lot of space and basically does what I can do myself in the regular full size oven

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