hello sweet coconut deodorant with shea butter

4.5 5 0 22 22 Goodbye stinky, hello naturally friendly deodorant. Featuring a natural fragrance for any and everybody in 100% recycled packaging, this epic deo rocks awesome ingredients like tea tree oil and shea butter and provides all day friendliness to fight the stink. Anything less would be the pits.
hello sweet coconut deodorant with shea butter


Best deodorant
After years of trying a variety of deodorants I discovered Hello deodorants. Glides on smooth, 0 irrigation, very subtle scent that is not overpowering at all. I keep buying this product because it keeps me dry all day and I love the ingredients as apposed to those that are full of harmful ingredients.
Smells good
I was really excited to try this since it pairs with all my other scents. It smells really good but doesn’t do much. I find it would transfer a lot onto my clothes and I just didn’t really like it.
Pretty good natural deodorant
I have always been skeptical about all natural deodorants especially as someone that work outs on the regular. This product surprised me. The ONLY reason why I didn't give it 5 starts was because it doesn't last very long for a heavy/extensive workout.
Clean deodorent
A deodorant that I can feel good getting behind! I appreciate that this deodorant is healthy for my skin, and that it is coming from a company that stands behind a clean label. The fragrance is great! I recommend this deodorant to any one!
Body wash
It’s a very good product body wash made my body feel refreshed
It works
I really like natural deodorants, the Hello Brand is sustainable and doesn't cause a reaction on my underarms. I did not find it lasted that long though and I did have to apply more often than my go-to deodorant
Heaven in a plastic tube
It's out of this world. Amazing product I love the smell.It reminds me of pure freshness. It's also applies on soft. It should be taken to the moon. I recommend because it's fresh YAYYYY
Une douce odeur sucrée
J’ai beaucoup aimé son odeur, la texture est agréable même si je préfère les formule liquide, il ne laisse pas de trace.
Works well but expensive!
Product works well. Protects me all day, however, only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it is expensive. Not as expensive as Native, which is why I switched to Hello. Very comparable to Native in terms of quality but at least not as expensive. Would recommend.
Natural and functional!
Look no further for a natural deodorant that really works! Avoid all those nasty ingredients, and yet remain confident about your body odour control. I wouldn’t say it lasts 24hrs as marked, but surely start to finish of your day! Apply liberally!! I stroke isn’t going to cut it (I said it works, but it’s not magic!). I always ensure to make 5 passes before considering it adequately applied. Do to it’s creaminess, I do find the lid gets a little messy after a few days, but it’s easy to wipe away. All in all a great product! I look forward to trying the other scents!
I really love the smell of this deodorant it stayed on all day. If you sweat hard in the summer this deodorant I'd perfect for you. My family and u love this deodorant
Best Natural Deodorant
Got this for free from Butterly. This is my new “Go-To” Natural Deodorant from (Hello) ! It’s 100% as advertised! This deodorant is good and smells fresh goes on smoothly. It's also vegan and paraben free! This product is best for sensitive skin it does not burn or irritate the skin. Thank you so much for a great product. Totally recommend and will buy again.
Liked the scent
Loved the scent of the Lavender Vanilla Bean but found the formula a little drier than what I'm used to. Overall, it was a nice deodorant just didn't work very well for me (sweat wise).
Hello lavender vanilla
I love the smell of the deodorant very much especially its vegan and it doesn't have aluminum or baking soda..I have allergic towards aluminum but this helps me a lot to control odour for long time and its very handy
Not for heavy sweaters
Love the scent! Less chemicals than most products on the market. Very dry though so tough to put on depending on comfort level. I personally like to feel that I have protection under my arms as I swear a lot and I find that tough as it’s a very dry product. I also find if I wear it to the gym and sweat more than a normal day I have to reapply several times.

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