Degree MotionSense Black + White Pure Rain Antiperspirant Stick

4.5 5 0 141 141 Does your antiperspirant leave marks on your clothes? Degree Black + White Pure Rain Antiperspirant Stick is designed to help keep your clothes looking new. It reduces white marks on black clothes and yellow stains on white clothes, so you’ll look and feel great all day. Degree Pure Rain women’s deodorant and antiperspirant prevents the stains that some antiperspirants leave behind when they mix sweat and natural oils produced by your body. And you know you can stay confident with Degree Women Antiperspirant Deodorant with its long-lasting protection from sweat and body odour and a fruity green fragrance with cucumber and floral twist. This antiperspirant stick also contains Degree’s MotionSense technology. It works like this: microcapsules sit on the surface of your skin and when you move, friction breaks those microcapsules, and they release more fragrance. So, every time you move, MotionSense keeps you fresh and free from odour. Degree antiperspirant deodorant for women is formulated to give you the protection you’ll need. So, you can wear your best clothes, move with freedom, and feel fresh and confident. Degree Women Antiperspirant Deodorant - Pure Rain Black + White. Our best protection ever against white marks and yellow stains. Degree. It won’t let you down.
Degree MotionSense Black + White Pure Rain Antiperspirant Stick


Not bad
Don’t mind this stuff so far and great at keeping me dry! I don’t find it leaves marks on my clothes either
It works!
Nothing more annoying then getting white cast from your deodorant on your black clothing. This deodorant is fantastic and fixes that problem. It also has a pleasant scent, and keeps me dry and odour free even on the most stressful of days.
Average for drugstore deoderant
I personally need to use clinical strength antiperspirant so for me this just didn't preform well enough. I found with a few hours I could smell a mixture of the fragrance and the unpleasant smell of underarms that are overworked. It didn't leave any marks on my clothing and felt nice on my skin but I didn't find it did much to rid perspiration.
Not little black dress approved
This deodorant works like any other deodorant , expect its claim to be black dress approved is false advertising, even with one swipe on the armpit it leaves white marks instantly. It works but not the way it says it should
Still leaves marks
It definitely doesn’t do what it says. You still end up with deodorant stains. It works as a regular deodorant though.
Decent deodorant but leaves marks
Overall a decent product as far as deodorants go but it leaves marks on your clothing if they are darker colours. These are hard to get out even with hand scrubbing.
Overall very good
This deodorant smells great, does not stain on application nor later during the day. It is not chalky and does not leave residue the day of application. The only reason why I do not give it a 5 star-review is that I wear a lot of black and it seems, to leave a stain after many uses, like if the deodorant was imbedded in the shirt. Overall great product, be careful if you wear a lot of black!
Smells nice
I really like degree. Goes on smooth, no chalking residue. Average price. I would buy again.
99% all day odor and wetness protection
I perspire a bit more than average, and in the past, I’ve never have been satisfied with the protection of other brands that were stain free. My husband picked this up for me by accident, and I figured I’d give it a try. I am really happy with the fact lasts the full day, through spin class and beyond. This antiperspirant has a pleasant light sent. I’ll definitely be buying this product again.
J' adore
Un produit efficace qui dure toute la journée. Je peux faire confiance à mon antissudorifique durant toute la journée sans avoir d' odeur désagréable. Je le recommande après avoir fait l' essaie de plusieurs autres marques c' est mon préféré.
Nothing beats degree
I love that degree glides on smooth, and washes off easily. Its my go-to deodorant. I've tried natural products and they dont work anywhere near as good as this. Fragrance is on point, and I love that it keeps my clothes clean (no white marks) and dry!
Je l’utilise depuis qu’il est sorti et il fait aucune marque et pour moi il est efficace et j’adore son odeur! Rapport qualité prix excellent!!
Love it!
Love this deodorant! I really like the smell, the consistency, and I find it works quite well. Wish it would come back to Costco! The price there was so much more reasonable than it is anywhere else right now
love it
This product does really work if you have a black dress, I Use it everyday and smells good at the end of the day after a long day shopping, Not sticky at all. I do recommend this product.
Pretty good
I like how this deodorant has lasting power and prevents sweat and odors throughout the day. It is easy to apply as well and doesn't stain clothing like some deodorants. I just wish the scent was stronger.

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