Downy In-Wash Scent Booster Beads

4.7 5 0 150 150 Every day smells like laundry day when you add Downy Cool Cotton In-Wash Scent Booster Beads to your washing machine. This laundry scent booster infuses each load with a crisp Cool Cotton scent that lasts up to 12 weeks from wash until wear. Safe for all washing machines, including HE, it’s easy to add a fresh boost of Downy in with your detergent. To use, pour your preferred amount of beads (either a little or a lot) into the cap and toss directly into the drum before adding your clothes. Want even more fresh scent? Add Downy Cool Cotton Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheets to your routine to make your clothes smell even better.
Downy In-Wash Scent Booster Beads


Great product clothes smell amazing definitely use again.
Long-Lasting Freshness
These tiny beads pack a powerful punch, infusing my clothes with long-lasting freshness that lasts for days. The scent options are fantastic, and I love how they give me the flexibility to customize the fragrance intensity based on my preference. Not only do they leave my laundry smelling amazing, but they also help to soften fabrics and reduce static. Plus, the easy-to-use dispenser makes it simple to add the perfect amount to each load.
Adoro estas perlas ,sin duda son un plus ,dejan la ropa con un aroma delicioso y sobretodo super duradero
Finally fresh smelling towels
I love that fresh just washed smell especially on towels but my laundry never smells nice. I got a sample of these scented beads and I love the smell of my towels and clothes
Downy infusions CALM
I love this scent. I use it for my blankets and bedding so I can relax and fall asleep fast. This is my favourite one they made!
Great lasting smell
These leave a wonderful long lasting scent on your laundry. Clothes smell clean even weeks later. The smell isn’t overpowering but light and fresh! Highly recommend using these in your wash!
Has a crisp clean smell but not over powering like some beads can be. Lasts and lasts.
Downy laundry beads
I just love the Downy beads. I always had some to all my laundry. The smell stays for a long time.
Love the scent left on my clothes
It's long lasting on all my clothes. Giving them that just washed smell.
Laundry Staple
I always toss in some of these beads while I do laundry. I do notice it makes a difference to the overall scent lasting on the clothing. Personally I really love the smell of clean linen so it isn’t an issue for me.
Ces petite capsule c'est merveilleux on en met dans le lavage laisse un parfum vraiment agréable le linge sens toute bon wow j'aime vraiment
The fresh scent of clothes out of the washing machine is achievable with these scent beads! I use it for every load; beddings and daily outfits. It also helps with keeping my laundry room smelling fresh.
Not effective
Nothing smelled any better than dryer sheets. The scent expected was not there.
Fall in love
Fall in love with the smell and if you are somebody that loves amazing smells then this product will definitely leave you feeling very good. It lingers for a very long time and takes you to a fresh summary place
wonderful smell
this product is great just add to wash easy no messy liquid. the scent is really nice not overpowering and last quite awhile. always nice to put on clothes that smell great.

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