Vital Proteins Beauty Boost

4.4 5 0 74 74 Get your best look ever with Vital Proteins’ plant-based Beauty Boost™ capsules, a fresh way to welcome beauty that offers hair, skin, and nail support as well as skin hydration with every serving.
Vital Proteins Beauty Boost


Noticeably healthier hair and skin.
I notice a big difference in my skin and hair health since starting these supplements. I was skeptical at first but after trying them for 30 days I am now a believer.
Tried it
I tired it an an it made a big difference in my mail they are healthier
Beautiful Skin!
I noticed a big difference when I took these. My nails were stronger. My hair and skin looked healthier.
Good for you!
I love this product no aftertaste and is good for your health
Not bad
I received this to test and I noticed that the texture can be a bit gummy at times but it's easily mixed into any juice or protein shake. My nails and hair definitely showed signs of improvement.
Hmm too soon?
Might be too soon to tell but I haven’t really noticed any difference in my hair nor nails. I wouldn’t recommend
I think they've helped my nails
After one month of these capsules, I think my nails are a lot stronger, because i was able to grow them out to more than a centimeter past my fingertips. It's crazy!
These vitamins has helped me grow healthy nails and hair. Makes my skin look and feel better. Good price and easy to open bottle. I'll always be a fan of the vitamins
Spinach give popeye muskells!
Spinach give popeye muskells. Proteine is absolutely critical to a healthy diet.
Works great taste is ok I like to mix it with my smoothie
great product
I like this product. I will start using regularly
This is a good Collagen Product
Love this better than the powder. More convenient will order again
I absolutely love this brand! Works amazing, tastes amazing, and affordable!
False advertisement
I have been using this religiously for two years and it’s all just for money with these companies. This doesn’t work or the powder. Nothing this brand offers works. It’s a waste of money really is! Stop supporting these brands with there fake products. They simply hire celebrities to lie and give free bottles for people to try in return for fake positive ratings. Eat proper food healthy food and you won’t need so called supplements.
Vital protein beauty boost
It does help with skin, hair and nails , but you need to take it for a few weeks to see results

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