Seattle Gummy Company 200mg Caffeine Energy Gummies - Dark Chocolate Raspberry

4.2 5 0 46 46 When you need to be alert and focused fast, Mocca Shots High Energy Caffeine Gummies work 5x faster than coffee. The combination of natural caffeine, vitamin B complex, antioxidants and herbal actives boosts energy, improves focus and enhances cognitive performance
Seattle Gummy Company 200mg Caffeine Energy Gummies - Dark Chocolate Raspberry


Yummy gummy
These Moccasin shots high energy gummies in the dark chocolate raspberry flavor are so good. They face me enough energy to get through my workout, I definitely would recommend these.
These were the best gummy I have ever eaten and perfect for before a workout!!
Great Coffee Taste
Great tasting, fantastic dark chocolate grab a pack to go in the mornings.
Not a fan
I will be honest, I didn't notice my energy increase. I had high hopes but nothing. I only gave it 3 stars because I liked the flavor and it was more convenient than drinking an energy drink.
Effective product
This is effective but I wish the taste was better. The taste leaves a weird feelign on the tongue but after some water it goes away. It does give lots of energy and its a quick portable way which I love
Interesting Concept
These Mocca Shots are a cool idea - not having to drink a cup of coffee to get that jolt of energy. There are multiple different types of products like this and I prefer them to this product. These shots are a big strange to eat, but they definitely work in a pinch.
Quick easy coffee blast
I was shopping for a substitute for my daily trip to Starbucks. I think I go too often there and spend way too much money at coffee shops. I saw this and decided to give it a try. These taste great and are go down easy. I get the same, great pick-me-up that I used to get from my normal drinks with considerably less calories too. This is a game changer in every way!
Mocca Shots High Energy Caffeine Gummies are awesome and work really well without feeling jittery and taste great
Long lasting
I wish it tasted better. But it was effective. They gave me a pep in my step that's for sure. Thanks for asking. Maybe I should try another flavor.
A little pricey!
While they do get the job done ‘somewhat’, (to me it was very subtle) the Reason for the -1 star is that there are only three pieces in each pouch! So it goes way too fast for the high price.
I just tried the gummies. It gives a great booster to help with a long day at work.
All that jitters is not gold!
This is just another hyped up energy product that doesn't deliever. I'm a hard core caffeine and energy fanatic. This product makes you jittery and nauseated without making you focused, alert, or energized.
Great coffee flavor
Great when you need that coffee boost but don't have time or can't make a cup
Great Great Great
I Live of coffee! but those days im running late to work i dont have time to stop and get a cup. These are Life Savers! One gummie and im ready for the day!
Great mocha shot. I take them sometimes before working out, they give me a lot of energy those days I don’t want to exercise. Recommended

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