Quest Bar - Protein Bar Cookies & Cream

4.3 5 0 44 44 A cookies & cream flavored protein bar with creamy chunks and cookie crumbles with 21g of protein and 1g of sugar.
Quest Bar - Protein Bar Cookies & Cream


Quest has the Best Flavors
Quest is a quality option if you're seeking a quick protein bar or meal replacement bar. The flavors that Quest offers are much better than their competition, in general. Also, the texture isn't overly chewy or likely to become a workout in and of itself. The Cookies & Cream flavor is really tasty and a great way to fight off a worse sweets craving.
EXCELLENT GF protein bar
So, this is quite sticky, and VERY sweet. But it is yummy as hell, and so nice to find a gluten-free cookies and cream protein bar! These hold a regular rotation in my pantry. I like many of the Quest flavors, so I have to switch it around every now and again .
If you're a fan of cookies n creme then this is for you. Tastes better than other options out there.
Love These
I had these bars, and many other varieties of QUEST, for lunch most days when at work. They are only about 200 calories and are a great way to hold you over during the day with water - the 21g of protein fills you up sufficiently until dinner. The flavors are always really tasty and in many different varieties. The only thing is that they are very expensive for these size, and the artificial sweetener and 15g of fiber could cause some abdominal distress to come sensitive to those. These have only 1g of sugar and one of the only brands with not a lot of sugar. I hate many of the others who have a ton of sugar. The cookies and cream are really amazing too!
Go to protein bar
Quest protein bars have been my go-to for a while now. Almost every flavor I’ve had has been great and cookies and cream is my favorite. These bars don’t have that chalky or grainy texture that is unfortunate pretty common with protein bars.
Love the taste!
Not only does it taste good but I also anm doing good for myself.
I ate a lot of it and I liked it
It was my go-to protein bar for months. It is a healthier alternative to desert, it tastes great.
Not the best, not the worst
I'm very picky with my protein bars. They have to taste like the flavor they say they are, they have to have decent macronutrient content (I look for as close to 10g protein/100 calories as possible). Not every flavor hits the macros, but they're close. Most of the flavors are okay, but tend to have an underlying chalky, dense texture/flavor - this flavor specifically. For the price, they could be better.
Not a fan
Have tried multiple flavors including cookies and cream and have not liked any of the flavors. They are too bitter and dry for my liking.
Great Taste
I love this bar because it's nice and soft on the inside with no chalkiness you might expect. The flavor of this is spot-on as well and delicious. I also love that the protein content on this is so high.
High in Protein
I have heard a few people talk about Quest Protein Bar - Cookies and Cream and I decided to finally try this flavor of Quest Protein Bar. This is actually the only flavor I have tried so far. The flavor isn't too bad, as it has the flavor of chocolate chip cookie dough. Of course, along with that flavor comes a somewhat after taste that almost seems chalky to me. It is the taste I come to relate to protein bars in general. The texture of this protein bar is also similar to ready to bake chocolate chip cookie dough. I do admit, I like the flavor, but the after taste keeps me from wanting to eat it every day. I could eat this bar one to two times per week though. These protein bars are high in protein, low carb, gluten free, and Keto friendly. These protein bars have 21 grams of protein, 4 grams net, and 1 gram of sugar.
More creamy than cookie
I am a huge fan of the Quest brand. I tried this bar and was slightly disappointed. The flavor was more creamy than cookie and that imbalance through me off. However, it was filling and was a good source of protein. Overall, if you like creamy more than cookies in this duo- than it may be worth trying. If not, I would recommend another flavor from this brand. The texture is a bit thick and chewy (which is not my favorite). I tend to break a piece off instead of eating it all at once. That tends to help.
Taste good for a protein bar
I used to eat these a lot when I thought They were “healthy”. The texture is pretty dense, very chewy and some people have said it’s kinda gritty to them as far as texture. I usually drank water or something while I was eating them, so it helped a lot and I didnt Notice any grittiness. The flavor is pretty good, it is definitely one of the best flavors out of all the options in my opinion.
Perfect Guilt Free Snack
The best part is the creme bits, just like a cookie! These bars are so great on the go, dont melt or taste weird if theyre in your bag a few days and perfect to feed a sweet tooth or hungry afternoon need!!
Yummy Keto Snack
I've tried many many low carb protein bars and Quest bars are by far the best tasting! They do have a chewy consistency but I don't have an issue with that at all. The flavors are delicious and they curb hunger!

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