Quest Bar - Protein Bar Cookies & Cream

4.3 5 0 47 47 A cookies & cream flavored protein bar with creamy chunks and cookie crumbles with 21g of protein and 1g of sugar.
Quest Bar - Protein Bar Cookies & Cream


Taste good for a protein bar
I used to eat these a lot when I thought They were “healthy”. The texture is pretty dense, very chewy and some people have said it’s kinda gritty to them as far as texture. I usually drank water or something while I was eating them, so it helped a lot and I didnt Notice any grittiness. The flavor is pretty good, it is definitely one of the best flavors out of all the options in my opinion.
Perfect Guilt Free Snack
The best part is the creme bits, just like a cookie! These bars are so great on the go, dont melt or taste weird if theyre in your bag a few days and perfect to feed a sweet tooth or hungry afternoon need!!
Yummy Keto Snack
I've tried many many low carb protein bars and Quest bars are by far the best tasting! They do have a chewy consistency but I don't have an issue with that at all. The flavors are delicious and they curb hunger!
I love all things cookies and cream, so I was very excited to try these bars out. I was slightly disappointed, and thought these bars were just okay. They had a nice cookie flavor, but I just couldn’t get past the chewy texture.
Good product!
I thought this quest nutrition bar tasted pretty good. It was definitely filling and easy to consume. I liked the flavor as well, I would definitely recommend this nutrition bar!
I was given a mini Quest chocolate cookie protein bar courtesy of Target. When I took my first bite, it was very, very chewy. It was dense, but it did taste good! I just wish it wasn’t so chewy. I read later on that some people microwave their Quest bars so that the consistency becomes that of a freshly baked cookie. I will have to try that next time.
Best protein bar
These quest bars beat everyone in taste . The cookies and cream is so delicious I even liked it baked in the oven.
Fav flavor
For a protein bar, this is surprisingly tasty and doesn't leave hardly any after taste whatsoever. These are perfect to have when you're at work and need something quick that'll keep you feeling full.
A Quick, Convenient Protein Fix!
I try my best to stick to a fitness routine so having a quick, convenient, high-protein snack is very important to me. Quest Protein Bars are so easy to grab on the go, they give you a full, satisfied feeling, and the flavor (especially the Cookies & Cream) taste really good, too. I'd highly recommend!
Cuts out hunger
Great to have in purse for emergencies. It's like eating cookie dough with crumbled Oreo's in it! Best of all my protein snacks that really acts like a meal substitute and cuts out my hunger through to the next mealtime. Highly recommend!
Good snack
I have tried many of the Quest protein bars and found them to be a very satisfying snack. The Cookies & Cream flavor is no exception. The chewy texture, delicious flavor and 21 grams of protein make a perfect combination for a great snack. Highly recommend!
Protein fuel
I love Quest bars. They are kept in my work bag for a quick boost when I don’t have time to eat. The 21 g of protein keep me going and not hangry. The flavor is good and I get my chocolate fix.
Great Taste
Its a very good product and it tastes yummy, my kids loves it.
My Favorite Protein Bar
This is my favorite protein bar. My only complaint is that they’re 200 calories which is high. I love the texture and taste. Cookies and creme have always been one of my favorite flavors. I would definitely recommend this product.
Delicious cookies
These cookies are very good, I regularly accompany them with milk or when I travel. I love its chocolate flavor and how creamy the cookies are. I highly recommend these delicious cookies.

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