Lost the Pot Noodles

3.2 5 0 281 281 Pot Noodle has launched new 'potless' noodles, called Lost The Pot Noodles, which come in three different flavours – Curry, Roast Chicken and Sweet Chilli. These can be added to a bowl or cup with boiling water – the same way the regular Pot Noodles are made – or can be made in a saucepan, over the hob.
Lost the Pot Noodles


Lost the pot noodles
My grand daughter loves these. Aleaws have a few packets in cupboard for her. I used to buy the pots however she said that you get more this way and more filling. Love the different and new flavours.
I loved these even more then the pot ones as I just think they tasted so much nicer I tried the chicken one and it had quite a salty taste but was nice and I enjoyed cooking them as it was easy and quick
Lost the pot
Not a fan off this make off noddles. None of them seem to be nice
An ok snack
I’d say these are a ok snack but much prefer other brands wasn’t much flavouring either wouldn’t get these ones again very disappointed
It’s not just the pot that’s been lost
Pot noodles were an occasional snack but trying these i was really disappointed. It’s no longer the quick and easy snack, it’s now more hassle and mess. The taste isn’t as good either, it’s weaker and definitely lacks basic seasoning. I’m in no rush to buy another. Pot noodle was their trade mark, now they don’t offer anything to sway you to their product, especially as other brands I feel are better. They’ve lost direction on this.
Easy lunch
I have tried the curry and chicken flavours of these after seeing how affordable they are. I enjoyed both flavours but the curry is my personal favourite. If adding mixed veg to them, you can make them even more filling and add good texture and flavour. I find the flavours comparable to other instant noodle brands. I will repurchase these noodles for quick and tasty lunch meals.
Not too bad.
I really enjoyed these noodles. They don't taste pot noodle but it does have a nice taste and on par with other leading brands. I think to compare with pot noodle the seasoning needs to improve.
Nice quick snack!
I really love these, especially adding cheese, hotdogs and beans to it...yum...
Bland needs more flavour
I love noodles as a quick and easy snack, however I found these to be quite bland compared to the pot noodle and quite messy, if they have broken in the packet and your doing it in a rush they do go everywhere on opening.
They’re okay
I tried the chicken flavour of the lost the pot noodles. They were nice but very much reminded me of another brand of instant microwave noodles. I would lean more towards the other brand in terms of taste but would buy these if the other wasn’t available.
Roast chicken are great
We’ve only tried the roast chicken but they are the children’s favourite noodles, they prefer them over the leading microwave noodle brand and we buy them on the weekly shop every week. Quick easy meal with some garlic bread and chicken pieces on top!
authentic flavor
these Noodles offer a simple yet satisfying base for a variety of dishes, boasting a delicate texture and authentic flavor that pairs perfectly with your favorite sauces and ingredients.
More like supper noodles
Tried the curry flavour thought they was more like super noodles than the pot noodles. Was okay would buy again as quick to make ( did in microwave).
Quick and easy
Quick and easy. Just add the water and go. No plastic waste like the pots.
Need more flavour
Quite bland need more flavouring but also taste nothing like a pot noodle at all the noodles are just not the same I didn't like them personally

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