GOOD VIRTUES CO Radiant & Renewing Body Salt Scrub

4.2 5 0 16 16 温和地去除死皮并使皮肤变得柔软和光滑。这款磨砂膏有助于让您拥有更白皙、更明亮、更有光泽的肌肤。因此不如即刻试试这款磨砂膏,让光芒闪耀吧!
GOOD VIRTUES CO Radiant & Renewing Body Salt Scrub


My skin is brighter now with this scrub
The beads of the scrubs do not irritate my sensitive skin. It totally gives off that radiant feeling, as my skin is brighter than before using the scrub. The scrub also has a pleasant smell that is not too overpowering.
kulit mulus dan gebu
scrub yang sangat wangi dan bau lembut.. lepas scrub kulit rasa lembut dan gebu, rasa bersih sangat. saya suka, anak pon suka pakai.
Good Virtues Co Body Scrub
Scrub yang sangat wangi seperti perfume. Bead scrub agak kasar kurang sesuai pada yang kulit sensitif. Packaging senang digunakan dan tahan lama dengan bekas yang agak besar. Terbaik!!!
Best smell and texture scrub
This is by far the best and cheap body scrub in the market. The smell is so fresh and long lasting. The texture of the scrub is not too coarse on your skin and it washes off easily. Leaves your skin smoother and fresher.
make my skin look radiant and smooth
Body scrub help remove old skin cells and provide several benefits that make my skin look radiant and smooth. Love the smell
Wangi, bau wangi lepas scrub Sekali beli 3, 4 kat watson. Puas pakai bila scrub, rasa tangan, kaki dan kulit bersih dari daki² degil. walaupun kasar tapi halus. Selalu produk lain scrub x puas sebab rasa masih x yakin bersih. Sampai sekarang saya masih pakai.
kulit halus mulus
bila pakai scrub ni, kulit badan memang jadi halus mulus gitu...
Nice product and taste
The smell it’s so niceeeee Even my boyfriend like it very much after I use this body scrub It don’t give a heavy smell but you can smell the fragrance from time to time as it lasts long! Suitable for my dry and sensitive skin and doesn’t cause any rashes. My skin immediately feel smooth and white!!!!!! Girls try this please!!!’ You’ll love it!!!!! Be sure not to buy replica one as the smell will be weird
Honestly this product is T-R-A-S-H. The scent they use is so strong I couldn't sleep at night after using it!!!! It was so bad I brought it to work the next day to give away to a colleague. NEVER AGAIN. Waste of my money.
Kulit lembut, bilik mandi wangi
Dah masuk tahun ke3 sy bersama scrub ini. Murah wangi lepas mandi kulit terasa lembut lembab Dan licin, jangan pelik kalau bilik mandi anda juga terasa wangi. Try la, pasti jatuh cinta. Guna 2 atau 3 kali seminggu.
I love u use scrub. .I'm happy
Happy to use scrub, scrub 100% organic. Suitable use for sensitive skin and body
Good Exfoliator
I have bought this scrub from an outlet and very satisfied with the instant effect for the skin. Your skin feel softer and of course clean after scrubbing. It did not leave any disturbing texture of feels on skin. Does not irritate the skin and your skin feel smoother after each scrub session you applied.
body scrub
it is a scrub which can use to remove body dirties. Affortable and good in cleaning
Immediate smooth and glowing skin!! Smells so good!
I have been using this for two months and I love it a lot! I enjoy the scent because it's so soothing and relaxing. The texture of this scrub is not too harsh and not too gentle. I can immediately feel my skin getting smoother and more radiant afterwards. I like to wear it before I start waxing/epilating because it helps to soften my skin before removing unwanted hair from my body. Price wise, I think it's affordable and this tub can last for quite some time before you run out of it. I did get mine during a sale but the normal price wasn't too expensive either. I recommend getting this if you're looking for a good scrub at an affordable price. I would guarantee that you will fall in love with its scent and be obsessed with the results, just like I did.
Value for Money
Oil base texture leaving you feel moisturize and restore skin glow finishing after scrub. While using it, the ingredients melt-on-your-body and easy to raise by water while u taking bath.


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