Real Me Bouncy Lip Balm 3.8g (02 Soft Coral)

4.5 5 0 12 12 Keep your lips moisturised and lively! A natural daily colored lip balm with volumizing effect which gives the effect of natural red, gloss, plump and healthy glow to your lip. Suitable for daily wear.
Real Me Bouncy Lip Balm 3.8g (02 Soft Coral)


Dah pakai lip balm sangat..bibir saya jenis kering dan kusam.Alhamdulillah..lip balm ni banyak membantu menjadikan bibir saya sentiasa lembab.
GLow and soft lips
I like using this lip balm as it is easy and convenience to use, It allows for convenient re-application for smooth and supple lips throughout the day. the price point is pretty good !
Best dan senang bawa
Musim panas sekarang bibir memang cepat kering , bila pakai lipbalm ni bibir jadi lembab je best guna dan senang nak letak dalam handbag , so dekat mana mana pun boleh guna . Best !
Sexy lips
I highly recommend this amazing lipstick as It offering something that’s perfect for every look and any occasion. The shade is super outstanding, it provides a bouncy and sexy lips.
No more crack lip
Every time I'm at place with high air conditioner, my lip crack comes again, feel so dry and uncomfortable, bought this lip balm, now I'm free to stay at full air conditioner place without worries, no more lip crack.
sexy lips
I like using this good quality lipstick as the shade is so bright and outstanding. My lips feel soft and bouncy instantly when applied to the lips. It delivers a sexy and juicy lips.
Bibir yang sihat
Bibir terasa lembab..menyegarkan setiap kali memakainya...tahan lebih lama dan senang dibawa
Shiny lips
This bouncy lipstick that demonstrates excellent adherence to the lips with luxurious touch and delivers clear and vivid colors. it suit to all skin types and the price is pretty good.
Bouncy lips
After applying this lipstick. My lips feel soft and bouncy when applied to the lips. It wears comfortably and delivers excellent staying power. It is available in different colors.
Smooth and soft lips
I like using this good quality lip balm as It’s formulated with silky ingredient that provide intense hydration for all-day comfort. Besides, the price is good and it is easy to apply.
Lip Balm
menjadikan bibir berseri dan tidak merekah, sangat sesuai digunakan pada bila-bila masa. Sangat menyukai lip balm ini.
tahan lama
lipbalm ni melembabkan bibir mulut dan tahan lama boleh digunakan selslu

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