Barenbliss Berry Makes Comfort Lip Matte 06 Chapter Nude

4.7 5 0 12 12 A matte yet silky finish lip color comes with a subtle scent of berry. This hydrating matte texture glides on smoothly and stays comfortably all day without any crack. Let’s see what the other shades they have!
Barenbliss Berry Makes Comfort Lip Matte 06 Chapter Nude


Best Tint!!!
This is one of the best product i have come across. Its super pigmented, lasts for 8 hours(depends on activity eating, etc), and also the price is super affordable. Definitely gonna recommend this for my friends and family.
Soften my lips
Soften my lips, my lips not dry after use this. Color also pretty.
The best
Lipstick ni best,tak mengeringkan bibir,tahan lama yg tak susah nak buang,banyak warna cantik and affordable.
Long lasting lip gloss
My lips feel soft and bouncy when applied to the lips. It is available in different colors, all colors are outstanding and trendy, the price point is super good, I highly recommended it.
Sexy lip with Barenbliss Berry
It's comes in nice colours, long lasting and my must have items on handbag. My lip looks shiny and sexy.
Natural shade
I like its shade, it delivers a natural and nude shade, It leaves my lips smooth and soft and complete with a semi-matte finish. The smell is comfortable and not over powering.
Warna yg menarik
Cantik sesuai dgn kami , & harga berbaloi sesuai utk semua
bibir bersinar
warna yang cantik,sangat teruja untuk pakai setiap hari,tidak mengeringkan bibir dan menghitamkan bibir
Warna yg menawan
Warna yg cantik,tahan lama dan tak mudah lekat dekat cawan.
Lipmate yang menawan dan sangat sesuai untuk saya.
Lipmate menawan setiap hari saya guna
Lipmate menawan kemas melekat je dkt bibir cantik je,,mmg saya akan pakai sentiasa,,lagi satu lipmate ni xkn melekat dkt strow or cawan tau
Sy sgt ske pkai lipstick walau kmna sy pergi..tanpa lipstik snyman sy xnmpk manis di bibir

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