Maybelline Color Sensational Ultimatte Lip

4.9 5 0 14 14 Exclusively delivers more intense color with an extreme matte finish yet feels comfortable & lightweight all day. Now available in 14 shades that ranges from nudes to bold!
Maybelline Color Sensational Ultimatte Lip


Maybelline Color Sensation Ultimate Lip
Saya suka lipstick maybelline ni tahan lama dan tak tanggal. Cantik warnanya. Harga pun berbaloi. Bermacam jenis pilihan warna. Dapatkan di drugstore berhampiran. Recommended. Terbaik
good for daily use
good for daily use morning and night, colour look stunning
Love the shade
I really love the shade that I get but unfortunately it dries my lips. It look pretty when I apply it at first and then things go south from there.
Despite having a matte finish, it was so smooth and creamy. Very comfortable and lightweight to wear.
Maybelline colour sensational untimatte
Memang terbaik..saya suka sangat guna lipstick ni..warna pun cantik..bibir pun nampak cantik..saya suka sangat guna lipstick Maybelline sesuai untuk semua orang.. Maybelline brand is best.
Wahh..memang sangt sangat best laa guna..habis je mesti beli terus yang lain ..dia punya warna yang cantik dan yang oenting harga mampu milik tau
Melembabkan bibir
Suka sangat guna produk ni sebab dia melembabkan bibir kita. So bila pakai, bibir xkan mudah kering.
Melembabkan bibir
Saya telah mencuba produk ini , produk ini sangat bagus untuk bibir saya , sebelom saya beli brand lain semua macam tak okay dengan bibir , tapi kalau dengan maybelline lip terus rasa sesuai di bibir saya , saya selau mnggunakan barang barang jenama maybelline kerana ia sangat bagus dan cantik
The best Matte so far !
bought it during sale at Guardian,have not much expectation.but i fall in love with first really suitable for dark lip,feel so light, got so many beautiful colour to choose from.Mine is in “more spice “ shade.defo give more spice to my lip
Lembabkan bibir
Suka sangat sebab dia bagi kita nampk bibir licin jea takde mengelupas ke apa best sngat tau korang kena cuba okay saya suka sngat guna lipstick ni best an dbes best best best best
Melembabkan bibir
Sangat lembab dan tidak mengeringkan bibir. Warna yang cantik
Matte colour
I like this product because of the matte colour. Long lasting
Warna yang menawan dan tahan lama
Sangat sesuai dengan bibir saya yang kering ,ianya juga tahan lama dan kalis air. Pilihan no 1 saya.
Great lipstick
Great doesnt dry my lips..feel moist after use it..i love the texture from this lippy because it like creamy texture but doesnt smudge…the shades also so beautiful and suits on my lips

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