Laneige Radian-C Cream

4.3 5 0 23 23 Deep hydration Vitamin C cream that lightens micro-dark spots with powerful Radian-C Super Blend™, for a clear, bright and radiant complexion. Take appropriate amount when applying cream and see the difference yourself!
Laneige Radian-C Cream


Does its job
Been using this since it launched and it does keep the glow on face. Love the orange, tangy smell as it feels like really applying vitamin C on face. However, price has increased a lot over the years.
Good moisturizer!
Radiant-C Cream membantu melembabkan dan mencerahkan kulit saya sepanjang hari. Bukan itu je, bintik hitam dimuka saya pun hilang tau! Bau orange yang harum dan sangat lembut. Saya akan pakai moisturizer ini sebelum memakai sunscreen. Berbaloi dengan harga! Loveee…
laneige radian C cream.
ia melembapkan kulit dan mencerah kulit muka saya dengan kuasa vitamin C.texture nya pekat dan sesuai di pakai pada waktu malam. tapi harga nya mahal.
Laneige Radian-C Cream
The Radian-C Cream is a potent brightening cream that lightens both visible and invisible dark spots in just 3 days. The cream’s efficacy is boosted by Super Blend Technology, which is infused with 8.5% vitamin C derivative (EAE), a substance that improves promised results without compromising potency. MelasolvTM, a brightening substance that inhibits melanin formation and stimulates the skin’s whitening gene, is also present. Laneige Radian-C Cream contains vitamin C, which helps to reduce dullness and improve natural clarity over time, with a 0.5% rise in skin brightness in three days and 1.141% in ten days.
Radiant skin
This is an advanced daytime Radiant moisturizer that instantly brightens and evens the skin tone, it releases moisture and brightening ingredients over time to brighten my skin.
Texture yg lembut , bau nya yang segar (bau buah orange 🍊) . I like the smell .
Nice texture and citrusy
I love the texture of the cream as it is not too heavy nor greasy and able to moisturized my dry skin well. It is good for day and night use if you have dry skin but for those with oily skin, will prefer to use only at night. I wake up with brighter and glowing skin after use and it smells citrusy
Sticky and thick texture!
I had high hopes for this one. Unfortunately it was a sheer disappointment. The cream is rather thick and doesn't really absorb into the skin quickly, leaving a sticky residue behind. Makes my makeup move around too. One thing to take note is if you don't use this up quickly, the contents will slightly change in colour because the vitamin-c used is not very stable.
I'm really enjoying using LANEIGE Radian-C Cream in my night-time skincare routine. It keeps my skin well-hydrated and seems to seal in all the goodness of my essence and serum. And most importantly, I'm waking up to a soft and supple complexion each morning.
Brighter face
The orange scent is great! I like it when my beauty products have a light scent to it. This was not overpowering at all! My dark spots seemed to have lighten up and my skin feels moisturized! Love this
Mudah digunakan,,ringan pada kulit,,memelihara kulit dari uv,,mencantikkan kulit..
Very light texture
The smell is a bomb, just like vitamin C tablet and texture is light, not greasy or sticky at all. I have combination skin which the product is very friendly to my face although it is not gel based moisturizer. Suitable for people who want to achieve whitening effect!
My skin looks brighter and fairer
This CC cream make my skin looks brighter and fairer, the texture leave my skin instantly hydration and radiant, my skin tone lighter and my following make up foundation is lasting.
light weight cream
I like its texture , it is light and moist, it protects my skin and make my skin look radiant and fresh, it contains Vitamin C which can help to make my skin become fairer and even my skin tone.
Laneige Radiant C Cream
smells like oranges and it felt a little bit heavy on the first application but can get used to it skin look a bit brighter in the morning and very smooth and supple..go buy for yourselves..very good product from laneige

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