Eversoft Hydra Moisturizer

4.6 5 0 16 16 Experience a world of hydration with Eversoft Water Lock Range! The Japanese secret to Hydrated and Crystal-Glow Skin with hydrating Kouji and revitalizing Aloe Mizu. Eversoft Hydra Moisturiser improves skin barrier function and skin moisture level, resulting in supple and bouncy skin.
Eversoft Hydra Moisturizer


Looking for more Eversoft product. Murah tapi result memang terbaik. paling penting senang nak dapat especially drug store
EverSoft Hydra Moisturizer
Loving thisEverSoft Hydra Moisturizer. It was gifted to me by a good friend & I'm hooked on it now. Love the texture, not greasy nor oily when applied to the face. The cream gel transforms into water droplets upon application & easily absorbed into my skin. On top of that, the price is also very affordable selling at less than RM 40 per bottle, a totally pocket-friendly product to use on a long term basis.
SUper hydrateion
This light weight moisturizer provides all-day hydration, and controls surface oil for skin that looks natural. The lightweight formula is great to apply, It gives my skin the moisture it needs.
Light weight cream
I like using light weight cream and lotion, this cream is light and non sticky and it is deal for all skin types which are looking for hydration and softness. it is easy to grab from any drug shop.
Saya ingin memcuba masalah kulit saya
Saya suka sangat kerana dia light sangat sesuai dengan kulit saya
Light weight lotion
this lightweight lotion helps to moisturize my super dry skin and protects the skin barrier. It provides extend moisture for the skin by keeping the skin soft, fresh and shiny.
Light weight moisturizer
I like using light weight moisturizer as it is more refresh and quick absorb into skin, this light weight moisturizer is soft and non greasy, it lock the water and make my skin feels hydrated,
Maustriser melembutkan kulit dan melicin kan kulit membantu darisinaruv
Kulit saya menjadi lebih lembut dengan produk ini. Saya sukakanya.
Very moisturizing . Recommended . Price is reasonable

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