Ceradan Ceramide-Dominant Skin Barrier Repair Cream

4.9 5 0 10 10 Clinically proven to rebuild the skin’s protective barrier, reduce symptoms and the incidence of flares. Suitable for eczema-prone skin, dry and sensitive skin.
Ceradan Ceramide-Dominant Skin Barrier Repair Cream


Barrier Saver!
There's one time, my skin barrier was damaged due to rash after a fever. Any kind of skincare would sting. Even my regular moisturizer stings a lot. I tried buying this Ceradan Ceramide Cream because a lot of people suggest to use this to help with my skin sensitivity. I bought it with it's cleanser and use them every day for both day and night routine. Within one week, my skin was getting better and no more stings and I can use additional skincare products again. Do take note that this is a ceramide based cream, so it is a bit thick and leave quite a heavy weight. However it works wonder if you have dry and sensitive skin. And it's advisable to use it at night.
I have a damaged skin barrier due to the wrong skincare, after searching for so long finally, I found this cream that was suitable for my skin. It helps to soothe my skin and no more flare. 1. The cream has a thick consistency 2. Not leaving stickiness feeling after using it
Best Cream
I don't want to wait until a week or for 15 days to try and review this product. I received this product yesterday and immediately tried it on my 6 month old baby and on my arms. I am not joking we saw the instant results. My baby has mild eczema and i have allergy on my forearms. With just one day use i have got the relief in my itching and my baby's skin looks a lot better .
My holy grail product
I have sensitive and eczema prone skin. This cream really helps me during my healing process and breakout. I don't know this cream just help to calm my redness and reduce my acne. Also it gives good glowing effect due to ceramide but sometimes feel a bit bulu bulu maybe because my cat keep touching my face xD. But overall I like it and recommend to others not even my relations or friend but all people out there. But the thing that made me almost dead is this cream so pricey and I need to fasting to buy it but LOVEE.
Good for all ages
Been using this for a while. What I love about this cream is it can be use for all age range even the baby. Worth the price and economic. Also easy to find in any pharmacy. Recommended
Not suitable for my baby
I have a very sensitive skin baby, changed many cream to suit him, even went to paediatrician for his skin condition and was prescribed these, quite pricy and unluckily no small sample pack, used it once but cause flares up to my baby, now i have a whole tube unused
孩子之前湿疹大爆发,还好医院医生建议使用这款ceradan barrier cream, 勤劳帮他涂抹很快就看到效果,湿疹被修复好了,现在孩子不必被湿疹问题困扰。
It's worth to buy
Even using a small tube and i buy it twice. It already clam my skin due to purging and skin barrier problem after introduce my skin to retinol. But after using ceradan my skin completely healthy. No more skin barrier problem. Just buy small tube if you can't afford normal size tube. Worth for trying.
Skin Saver
Ceradan is my son’s primary cream during his eczema flares. Previously I used it everyday on him, now that his skin condition has improved I still must have a tube or two at home for his occasional flare (he has stated to take seafood). It has creamy texture but just nice, not too oily or watery. This has saved us countless of sleepless nights.
Ceardan Skin Repair Barrier Cream
This is greatly recommended for dry, flaky skin

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