The INKEY List Timbres contre les boutons

4,6 5 0 21 21 Pour les peaux sujettes aux imperfections, cette formule à action rapide exfolie la peau pour la débarrasser de ses impuretés, désobstruer les pores et absorber l’excès de sébum tout en protégeant la peau. Conçu pour se fondre parfaitement dans tous les tons de la peau, ce timbre estompe pour réduire l’apparence des imperfections et se superpose parfaitement sous le maquillage.
The INKEY List Timbres contre les boutons


Great for a quick fix!
Inky’s New Hydrocolloid Invisible Patches promises to reduce blemishes within 4 hours!! Suitable for Blemish- Prone skin with powerful blend of ingredients. -99% Hydrocolloid -0.4% Salicylic Acid -0.4% Succinic Acid How does Hydrocolloid work? Flattens imperfections appearance Helps create a protective seal Draws out gunk If you’re looking for a quick fix before a party or wedding then this is for you.
Works great!
I love these pimple patches! They stay on well and I can definetly see a difference in the morning!
Works Well!
These patches are great for on the run and super convenient to travel with. I love that they're clear/matte and not noticeable on the skin. I would definitely prefer to use these overnight to get maximum benefit! I like it!
Spot-On Savior
The INKEY List Pimple Patches are a game-changer for clear skin enthusiasts. These discreet, hydrocolloid patches work wonders overnight, reducing blemish size and redness while preventing further irritation. Easy to use and effective, they blend seamlessly into your skincare routine, offering a quick fix for unexpected breakouts. Ideal for all skin types, they promise a flawless complexion with minimal effort. Your go-to for pimple emergencies, these patches are a must-have in any skincare arsenal.
Great for overnight use
I love the inkey list products and these pimple patches definitely met my expectations! I love using them at night, I always see a noticeable difference in the size and swelling of the pimple.
Best pimple patches
They are really good I have used a lot of pimple patches but none like Inkey ones, pimples just dissapear really fast! Price is good and diferrent sizes
Pimple fighter!
These patches truly deliver! I'VE used them on a few stubborn zits, and within 12 hours, they were significantly reduced in size and redness. The patches seem to draw out impurities and excess oil, leaving my skin looking smoother and more even-toned. Pros: Effective at reducing pimple size and redness Gentle on the skin Easy to apply and remove Affordable Comes with a travel-sized packet for on-the-go use
Goodbye blemishes
First things first, they’re super easy to use. Just peel one off, slap it on your pimple, and go about your day. They’re clear, so you can totally wear them out without feeling self-conscious. It’s like a secret weapon working undercover. What I love most is how effective they are. These patches suck out all the gunk overnight, and by morning, my pimple is significantly smaller and less angry. It’s like magic, but science. They’re also great for keeping you from picking at your spots (we all do it, don’t lie). Plus, they come in a handy little pack, perfect for travel or just tossing in your bag. If you’re tired of dealing with stubborn acne, give these a try. They’re a lifesaver for those pesky pimples that pop up at the worst times. Trust me, your skin will thank you!
Super awesome
I really appreciate this product, it's magical really. You forget your wearing the sticker and there invisible, my skin was clear the next day.
Meilleur patch pour les bouton
Étant une adepte des patch pour l’acné ce produit m’a été offert par theinkeylist afin de pouvoir le tester et c est le meilleur que j’ai pu tester jusqu’à présent. Le patch et très fin et par conséquence il est quasiment invisible sur la peau. Il traite très très vite un bouton déjà mûr, par comparaison j’utilise ceux de chez Cosrx et miracle patch, mais ceux de Inkey list restent les meilleurs! De plus, il y en a de tailles différentes dl’c on peut traiter toutes les zones. Ce que j’aime le plus c’est qu’ils tiennent très longtemps : je peux le garder toute une nuit et enchaîner la journée d’après il ne bougera pas ! Et le mieux dans tout ça c’est que quand vous le retirez, il ne laisse pas une trace ronde (comme la majorité des matchs d’autres marques) sur le visage. Je vous les conseille foncez donc tête baissé car vous ne serez pas déçu! Le seul point négatif c’est qu’on en devient addict et on les fini vite
They pimple patches were amazing! I used before a wedding and they worked fast. I highly recommend!
Thank you
You saved my friends daughters prom. Sondra was in a panic when she woke up the day before her prom. She was shocked and ecstatic with the results. The next time she saw her friends they could not believe it was gone.
Works good would buy again. And would tell my friends about it.
Good bye zits
My daughter uses these patches when she has a break out. They work great.
Invisible Blemish Fix in Hours!
I tried The INKEY List's NEW Hydrocolloid Invisible Patches, and they're amazing! These patches reduced my blemishes in just a few hours. They blend perfectly with my skin thanks to their ultra-thin and matte design, making them invisible even with makeup. The sleek and practical packaging makes them a must-have in my skincare routine!


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