TuneOut Warming Mineral Eye Rescue

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TuneOut Warming Mineral Eye Rescue


Great product, highly recommend.
I find them easy to use and loved how my eyes felt relaxed making it easy to fall asleep.
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Tune out mask
I thought it was a really good product. It helped me relax and destress after a hard day at work. The only thing is I had to take it off for second as it got pretty hot on my skin
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Unplug the phone...relax your puffy eyes
Quality product...easy to use, relaxing, no scent, fit well, warmed quickly, diminished under eye bags. I gave my friend one and she also enjoyed it..thank you
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Your eyes will thank you
I like the small packaging, portable. I loved how it definitely brought puffiness down and relieved my tired eyes after looking at a screen for work the whole day. After a long day, the eye mask helps me to a relaxing state without stressing anything.
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the stress of the day will melt away
I did this trial with my 28 yr old son ... We both loved the experience of the warming effect .. it was very relaxing and soothing and took the day off my face which is a fantastic feeling. Im not one to usually use eye products ... but wanted to try this as I will be 48 in June and need to start thinking about early signs of aging and this product will be a great addition to my skin care routine
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Tune Out and Tune In
Until answering the questions, I had no idea that the masks were fully recyclable and could be put in the organics bin. There was no indication on the packaging of how to dispose of the mask. I'm glad to see that they can be fully recycled. The mask added a nice warmth to my eyes, but I felt that I had to press down around the mask to feel the warmth where I needed it. It also seemed to take much longer than stated to warm up. The cotton material was very soothing against my eyes, which I really enjoyed. Overall it was a nice product and it did provide some stress relief. Due to the overall cost though, I don't think I would purchase this regularly.
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Long day
Idéale losque vous avez eue une longue journée les yeux rivés devant votre ordi. La pression occulaire disparait
I have allergy eyes and lots of sinus pressure / headaches. I was excited to try this to help ease the headache and help me relax. It did not help with the headache at all, but was great for relaxing. Unfortunately a tea bag dipped in hot water and then squeezed out does the same thing for me for a fraction of the price!
Quite Soothing
I get headaches quite often and decided to use this on the weekend when my head was killing me. It was very easy to use. After taking it out of the package, the mask starts to heat up. It says it last 15 minutes but I found that after 30 minutes it was still comfortable on my eyes with warmth. It was very comfortable to wear and made my head feel great. There is absolutely no scent which is perfect for anyone sensitive to smells.
Relaxing eye masks!
These warming masks are awesome and so relaxing! They were perfect after a long stressful week. The warmth really helped me settle into bed by letting my eyes and face relax. I definitely recommend goving them a try if you like relaxation.
Excellent for eyes!
ancôme’s lGreat, vitamin-packed pack! won the Lab's latest anti-aging eye packs test, proving worth the splurge for hydrating and firming. The formula scored highest for increasing skin moisture, by 41% over six hours and boosted firmness by 29% over four weeks of use. Several testers said they could see a noticeable difference: “My bags are almost gone.”

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