Advil Liqui Gels 72's

4.8 5 0 172 172 Advil Liqui-Gels act fast to relive discomfort from headaches, menstrual, back and muscle pain, and is the first pain reliever approved by Health Canada to address migraines symptoms of nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. For temporary relief of •mild to moderate migraine headaches including associated symptoms of nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound •non-migraine headaches •minor aches and pain associated with muscles, joints and backache •pain from inflammation associated with arthritis or physical overexertion •relief of toothache •menstrual pain •in addition to reducing fevers To be sure this product is right for you, always read and follow the label
Advil Liqui Gels 72's


Fast acting!!
It works very fast and is easy on your stomach too. Not very nice-looking packaging though.
It's the fastest way to address any form of pain in over the counter pill form. It's not that it's stronger that makes it better. It's that it's faster.
Pyoderma gangrenosum
I suffer from R.A. and these are what I take for the pain of that and the accompanying PG.
Fast dissolver
The difference between coated tablets/capsules and gels are that, gels dissolve within 5 minutes of hitting your stomach acid and immediate pain relief begins. Whereas, coated can take upwards to 20 minutes before pain relief starts. I always go for Gel caps;decreasing my pain puts me in a better mood.
Better than prescription drugs
After many years of trying a wild assortment of prescription drugs, with all kind of side effects, I was very surprised to discover that Advil has a gel tab that actually works better t getting my migraines under control.
My go to pain killer
I’ve been using Advil liquid gels since they first came out, I get migraines and have fibromyalgia and these help tremendously.
Excellent Product, worth the money
Quick acting, catches the headache before it gets worse.
Anti Migraine
Produit efficace pour les migraines. Soulagement immédiat
Excellent Pain Relief
Winter is here, which means massive headache season. This is the only product I'll use and here's why: Advil Liquid Gel caps give quick pain relief. It begins to work SO fast and lasts all day.
Does the job
I’m a big fan of these and buy them often. (Really only when they are on sale though). They aren’t the only pain killer I purchase, and would buy the store brand if/when it’s cheaper. I like the 200mg option though.
Works Harder Than The Rest
Due to an on-going fight with Lyme disease, I suffer from incredibly uncomfortable migraines and inflammation all over my body! Other pain medications don't even touch my pain but Advil is my "Life Saver" as it clears both pain as well as inflammation every time. I highly recommend Advil; I don't use anything else!
Relief rapidly headache or other injuries. Easy to swallow. Not expensive.
Does the job its supposed to do.
Does job for what I bought it for.Its also works very fast.One disclaimer though,donot take too many and follow labelling requirement other wisr wont work.
Somehow makes me sick
Have tried many of the advil products, however this one for whatever reason makes me quite nauseous. I have heard it works great for many people, but something about this does not sit well with me unfortunately.
Fast working, long lasting
Advil is my go to for aches and pains. Works great for headaches and is fast acting as a liquid gel over tablets. These go down easier also which is a bonus. Highly recommend for quick relief from anything achy.

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