Midol Complete

4.5 5 0 58 58 You feel it coming on. But this time you’re not worried. Pick up your Midol Complete and be on your way to get relief from multiple period symptoms, including cramps, bloating, temporary water-weight gain, backache, muscle ache and headache. Keep your head in the game minus the pain – Midol Complete contains Extra Strength Acetaminophen (500mg) which provides fast relief from period symptoms such as headaches, backache, muscle aches, and menstrual cramps. Don’t let cramps cramp your lifestyle – Midol provides fast relief from menstrual cramps, bloating, and temporary water weight gain to help you get to feeling more like yourself.
Midol Complete


Works for mild cramps
On the first day of my period I get unbearable cramps that keep me in bed for a day. I haven't yet been able to find a product that can help me function. These unfortunately didn't work for my extreme cramps. This product is more suitable for someone with mild PMS symptoms.
Helps make periods more tolerable
This product certainly helps to make periods more tolerable. I get a ton of cramps and this has helped to alleviate those.
it’s working
I want to try something different for my periods cramps and I admit it’s doing the job , not the more powerful but it make me fell more confortable after taking them. they are affordable but I recommend to ask a doctor first if it’s your first time using an new medication for the first time
Go to for period pain
I have a heavier period with terrible back pain and a c section scar. This numbs the pain so I can continue on my day. And it really does help with pms (I'm not confirming nor denying that I tend to.. sometimes get moody) hahahaha. But really do love this product.
it works
yes, it does everything it's said to do. if you need something to tame your shark week, this is it.
Ne me convient pas dutout
Pour l'avoir testé à plusieurs reprises, je n'aime pas du tout se médicament. Celui-ci est supposer traiter les maux de ventre, mal de tête etc. et lorsqu'Il diminue un symptôme, j'en n'ai un autre qui apparais. Je ne recommande donc pas du tout se produit
A woman's life saver
I never thought I needed to buy a totally separate product from my usual Advil, Tylenol to relieve menstrual pain. I thought they were basically all the same thing. I really feel midol works so much quicker, and last longer than the others. I'll definitely be spreading the word, as well as never going without this.
only thing that helps
It works fast and does what it needs too by lessening cramps
Sauveur de vie
Lors de mes règles, ce produit fait des miracles! au niveau de la douleur c'est wow pour l'enlever
New Look, Same Great Product
Amazing as always Midol works quickly and works well. The new look of the product is appealing to the “new” generation of users who will appreciate this great product. Take Midol at the first sign of pain and know that you’ll soon realize why this product has lasted the test of time!
Life Saver
This is a product can’t live without my three girls and myself use this to help mostly with cramps and bloating but it helps many symptoms associated with pms
Viens a bout des douleurs menstruelles
J'aime beaucoup de produit. Ayant des bonnes douleurs menstruelles, il vient réduire considérablement mon inconfort lors des règles. Je m'assure de toujours en avoir à la maison.
It works well
I have stomach pains every month during my period. This helps me get through the day.
Life saver
I’ve always had horrible cramps, and personally i find no drugs help except midol. Been my life saver since 7th grade. Maybe there is better non-drug products, but for quick relief, this is my go too!
This product not only works with period cramps but anytime for aches and pain. Find it is what best works for me. Always will have on hand.

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