Robertson's Masterblends Traditional Braai Mix

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Robertson's Masterblends Traditional Braai Mix


I use this to marinate my brisket and chicken when I do the BBQ with friends. And it makes the meat taste good.
On everything
It is good on everything, it is always nice to find a product you can use on more than 1 thing. This I use on everything, from braai to cooking. It is a great product
It's delish
Flavours in this spice are just amazing and not only do I use it to braai, but when I cook as well. It's perfect
Best Braai mix
I bought this just to try it out for braai and now I only use it. It leave the meat tasty and tender. I recommend it.
Robertson's Masterblends Traditional Braai Mix
We bought this to try out on a braai one night. Really enjoy the flavour and use it most times we braai!
I only use this when braaing. I also use it on my mince, beef and lamb when cooking during the week. No extra spice needed or salt.
Bozza braai
The past festive season this spice made me the braai master in my family. Just the perfect spice...not too salty but perfect seasoning
Robertson master blends
The taste is good I love it especially on braii and it leaves my meat tasting good. LOVE IT on chops and beef even chicken use it the best and I recommend it
Robertson's Masterblends Traditional Braai Mix
This is one of the best spices for a briaai when you have chops or even chicken. it has the amazing taste. I would recommend this product to all my friends. i think the taste if fine just the way it is
Amazing aroma
It has such an amazing aroma! I use it as a marinade for my braai meat, and it is a winner with everyone. The spices are mixed just right,not too little,or too much. It tastes superb as well.
Braai masters
I enjoyed the full flavours to this spice, the meat is normally blan but with this spice you sure not to fail , I dont see the need for improvements and I would definitely recommend this spice to braai lovers which is everyone
It has that true south African shisanyama taste but a little sweet. No need to mix spices, just using the Robinson spicy shisanyama is all you need
My new found love
I have been using this spice on everything LOL! I love it way too much its unreal. I had a thing for steak and chops spice but this blew that out of the water in a huge way. This spice has totally heightened my air-frying addiction lol. I have tried it with my wedges, lamb chops, chicken and steak i sometimes even sneak it into my stews lol. I am loco for this Masterblend.
Spice up your life
This is my go to spice for everything and anything. Must have in my house. Thanx. All the masterblen spice is delish.
Nice spice
Very nice spices Can even sprinkle on slap chips Or on popcorn

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