Robertsons Jikelele Sishebo Mix with Barbecue Spice

4,7 5 0 51 51 Spice up mealtimes with barbecue spice, Jikelele is an all-in-one sishebo mix that will give your stew all the flavouring and thickening it requires.
Robertsons Jikelele Sishebo Mix with Barbecue Spice


Robertson's Jikelele Sishebo
Beef curry without Robertson Jikelele Sishebo mix with Barbecue is not beef curry to my family they love and enjoy it alot
This jikelela turns your potjiekos into the best one has ever had. I so love it. Not to tick not to watery either just the perfect gravy especially with red meat
Shebo mix
Best sishebo mix i have came across in supermarkets. The aroma is out of this world. It invites the neighbours itself.
My mom used to make the best stew using it and has shared the recipe to family members
Wow, I love it and it adds a delicious taste to your sishebo
Loved this spice. It makes my stew come out beautiful. Use anytime anywhere!!!
Add something special
I have used it often and it works for my family's meals
Great for stews
Im currently using this for my stews n wow the taste is great and it thickens the gravy leaving my stew with a perfect taste
big family
i love this product my sister introduce me to this product and i love it it taste good
1st product review
This product is really good. If you like thick rich stews then this is the product for you. What I liked the most about this product is the fact that it doesn't just thicken your runny stew but it also adds flavor especially the one that I bought. I'd recommend it to anyone who loves flavorful whole stews.
Love the aroma
love this spice, gives my pot a nice balanced taste especially when i do my stews
all time favorite
I love Jikelele products, they have been using it at home, since forever and i still use it as well in my own house. Its perfect, it doesnt need any improvements, everyone should try this product.
My mother has been cooking Jikelele for us and i still cook it for my kids. I still love it because really "ke seshebo".
good times
when ever there's a brai at home we use jikelele to marinate, and the taste never fails to amaze me, its flavor filled. No improvements needed... i totally recommend it.
Delicious taste
I love the taste it makes meat and beans taste so delicious. Even the stew taste nicely

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