Kraft Bacon Aioli - 12oz

4.4 5 0 39 39 El Aioli con Sabor a Tocino Ahumado Hickory de Kraft es el condimento perfecto para satisfacer tu antojo de tocino cuando no hay tiempo para freírlo. Con una sabrosa mezcla de condimentos e ingredientes, esta salsa aioli ofrece un delicioso sabor a tocino en cada bocado. Sumerge, moja o rocía esta salsa aioli en cualquier cosa que pueda mejorar con el sabor a tocino.
Kraft Bacon Aioli - 12oz


Unique flavor
Always looking for something new and different, I used this on burgers that were grilled! Yummo taste and flavor!
Smoke Hickory Bacon Aioli
I tried the new Kraft Smoky Hickory Bacon Flavored Aioli. I have added it on my burger instead of mayo and it adds a really good smoky bacon flavor. when we did our burgers on the grill we put some bbq sauce on it while cooking and then dressed the burger with this sauce with lettuce and tomato and cheese. And it was just over the top good. Even my little cousins liked it. I really can't say anything bad about it. Give it a try I think you'd like if you want to try something different to your burgers.
EH its ok
this was not my favorite sauce that they have made. it has a little bacon flavor but hasd and artificial taste to it and kinda tasted sour others may like it but personal opinion probably wont buy again
I've tried several bacon flavored mayo/spread products and this is among the top! I typically use them on sandwiches/burgers and it truly elevates the flavor. This is also great for those moments when I don't feel like preparing bacon for lunch/dinner. I will continue to buy this product.
Bacon Aioli
this is a great!!! my whole family loved it. great on sandwiches, burgers or just as a dipping sauce. the possibly is endless
Did you say BACON?
I am always on a trend to trying new things to keep my household up to date. I have to admit, I didn’t know what to expect going into trying this product. I was rather surprised by the outcome! Making my life simpler is a must-have and this did just that. Now everyone eats everything on their plates!! I highly recommend it!
A Nice, Very Smoky, Change
This was a very enjoyable flavored aioli (mayo-based sauce)! My only minor issue is I would have preferred it to be just a touch less 'smoky' flavored. The bacon flavoring is noticeable and adds a great additional flavor to any burger!
This flavor was not for me. It was to bacony if that's a word. It just didn't taste to my likings plus I felt like it was to Rich and heavy tasting
Tastes like Liquid Bacon
I found this a few weeks ago in the store, and it is now my new go to sauce for everything. It tastes amazing and goes on everything. I love putting it on burgers and using it as a dipping sauce for fries. I bought a bottle for my sister and she loves it too. I highly recommend trying
Smoky misquite flavor
This was alright was not our families favorite. Does have a nice smoky mesquite flavor however really only goes good on things like BLTs or items that already have bacon or a smoky flavor.
Great Flavor!
I love to grill & found this sauce to add on Burgers. The smoky/bacon flavor compliments burger perfect. Next time I may use bleu cheese with it!
Love this condiment!
All that I can say is what an absolutely fantastic condiment. It's rich , creamy and ozzing with flavor. You would swear that there was fresh fried bacon on your burger. It's a great dipping sauce too!
Delicious addition to any sandwich
I was searching for a condiment to add to burgers and decided to give this a try. The flavor was so wonderful, and as someone who does not like mayo, but I like to add a wet sauce, this made my burger much better than a plain burger with the plain traditional condiments.
I loved this. The bacon flavor wasn't too over powering like most artificial bacon flavoring. Would buy again.
Creamy and delicious
Really good on sandwiches. Thicker consistency than regular mayo and I love the flavor! Easy to squeeze out rather than scooping out of a jar. Be known that it does have egg yolks as an ingredients and expires in six months.

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