Concentrado de camarones y cangrejo hervido (Paquete de 2) de Zatarain's

4.9 5 0 77 77 El concentrado de camarones y cangrejo hervido (Paquete de 2) de Zatarain's lleva el auténtico sabor de Nueva Orleans a tu cocina. Con una mezcla de aceites esenciales de pimienta de cayena, laurel, clavo, tomillo y mejorana, este hervido líquido concentrado dará un sabor picante a los mariscos o a tus patatas o verduras favoritas, para dar un toque de sabor audaz. ¡Sólo tienes que añadir una tapa llena de este condimento concentrado al agua hirviendo y en poco tiempo podrás disfrutar del sabor y el alma de la ciudad de Nueva Orleans más conocida como “The Big Easy”!
Concentrado de camarones y cangrejo hervido (Paquete de 2) de Zatarain's


Amazing for seafood
Love these for crab boils. My mom mostly uses this to cook and it makes everything taste amazing. This adds so much flavor into my seafood’s really unbelievable. I would def recommend.
The Best
After having seafood boil at a restaurant I was determined to learn how to make this at home for my big family to save money. After a couple of tries with different seasonings, I would say this is what made a difference to my homemade seafood boils. It added so much flavor. Now my family can have this at home as much as they want and we can eliminate or add ingredients depending on taste, allergy or preference.
Grew up near the water always having seafood boils and the is the seasoning to go to everytime. Yall won't regret it
The crayfish go to
Everyone in the south knows when it is crayfish season this is your go to for your boil. Loaded with flavor and easy to use. It will have your boil the talk of the town. Used it for years and swear by it.
Only need a capful
Zatarains shrimp & crab boil is a liquid seasoning you add to your boiling water for all those spices are included in one capful. I would highly recommend using this seasoning for your next crab boil.
This is a staple in my entire state
So this stuff is a staple in my home as well as probably 95% of the ppl in my state - Louisiana. Haha we are some seafood boiling fools around here & this is a must!
This is the only spice I use to have a seafood broil. It’s a tad spicy for me so I just leave a little seafood on the side. It’s definitely a keeper.
We absoutely love this product. We use it for everything, Corn potatoes any thing and everything.
Zatarains Is the BEST
Our house always uses the Zatarains brand for any seafood preperations. This liquid Zatarains Shrimp and crab boil is the best on the market. A fan for life!
My favorite seafood boil
My family has always used Zatarain seafood boil, whenever we are cooking shrimp, or crawfish or crab. It has the perfect balance of spices and you don’t need to add anything other than the water and seafood and this.
New Orleans
This is great....When I was down in New Orleans years ago and went to the Louisiana Cooking school they recommened it so tasty.....
Gotta have it!
We love and use this product quite often in our house. It adds a ton of flavor to the pot and is an easy way to make sure everything is equally seasoned.
dont walk. run!
this is my go to for making a seafood boil! i normally dont use the recommended amount i use just a little more for the flavor. i also add one of their season bags and let my food soak up the goodness! the flavors are AMAZING!
We have used this in our low country boil with shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and onions and it is always great! From the powdered kind to the concentrated kind, it brings out amazing flavors! It is a bit on the spicy side for me but that’s ok.
This crab boil is one of the best. Our seafood comes out delicious. If you are planning on doing crawfish or shrimp or just making spicy potatoes use this brand you won't regret it

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