Almohadilla de gasa adhesiva de primeros auxilios de la marca Band-Aid

4.9 5 0 60 60 Band-Aid Marca de productos de primeros auxilios Almohadilla de gasa estéril adhesiva para el cuidado de los cojines que amortigua y protege sus heridas. Hecha con un respaldo de espuma blanda flexible, esta gasa adhesiva transpirable se mueve contigo y permanece en su lugar durante ocho horas. Esta gasa de primeros auxilios altamente absorbente absorbe los fluidos de la herida mientras forma una barrera protectora contra la suciedad y los gérmenes.
Almohadilla de gasa adhesiva de primeros auxilios de la marca Band-Aid


Helps To Protect Your Boo Boo...
I like these band aids because they can cover a big area. My friends husband falls down a lot because he had a stroke. He's better now, but the stroke caused him to have a drop foot. He has trouble lifting his right foot sometimes, and he will stumble and fall. I buy these band aids for him to put on his bloody knee or elbow. They cover well and attach to his skin without causing any irritation. They stay in place until it's time to change it. Usually I change it every day but sometimes every other day. These band aids soak up his blood really well. He said it doesn't feel uncomfortable whenever he wears one. When it's time to change it, the band aid comes off easily. Sometimes there's sticky residue left behind on his skin but it comes off easily. I will definitely continue to buy these for him to use.
More then just a "boo boo"
When you have more then just a "boo boo". These large size bandages are for those more serious accidents. They cover a large area, nicely padded for absorbing blood or other bodily fluids. You can trust that it won't fall off or move throughout the day which is comforting knowing you don't have to worry about that.
THE Name in Band Aids
When the Band Aid brand is on sale, we stock up! These are great to have on hand, and come in super handy after minor dermatology procedures. They're pretty easy to apply, stay put even with clothing brushing against them, and totally easy to remove. Very important for me is that the adhesive doesn't irritate my skin, especially if I need to reapply a bandage in the same area.
Comfort while healing
Used these when my daughter got a bad burn on her arm. These were big enough to cover it and kept any infection away. They stay put for sure.
It stays on well!
I recently had a fall and caused two 3" long gashes on my arm. I needed this non-stick bandage, over others I tried, because they would not stay on. The bandage was easy to change.
Gauze with sticky
It's easy to use. It doesn't hurt when it's time to remove.
Doesn't stuck on you
I go through many bandages on a regular basis. Lots of skin related issues resulting from diabetes and blood thinners. I get small wounds that I like to keep covered to help with the healing process. I tried these bandages recently and wish I could have returned them and get a refund. The center section on the bandage is fine but the shear adhesive part curls, stretches too far, and ends up peeling off. I like some of the other bandaids but I’ve been trying another brand and I have to say, I’m happy with the product. I’ve used Bandaid brand for years, but was really disappointed. I’m not able to call right now because of a serious health issue but felt so strongly I at least wanted to tell you about my experience with this product
The perfect bandaid
This bandaid is great for large open cuts or scrapes. The gauze helps keep the skin from being irritated more
Love it
These are probably the best bandaids on the planet. The fact that its both gauze and a bandage takes first aid to a whole new level. These work amazing, and stay on for hours. Id buy again.
Band-Aid brand is just superior when it comes to these products I always get this brand. Because other ones just do not hold up at all. These work great for anyone in the family I have noticed!
Gauze pads
My husband had diabetic ulcers on his big toes these pad were a life saver they worked extremely well. They didn’t stick to his wounds. The Podiatrist said they worked well for his sores. Thanks for a great product.
Really big
These are a good size if you have a bigger sore to cover.
My favorite brand
I absolutely love these bandaids. They do a great job at covering cuts, and staying in place. They also do not hurt when you take them off. They are very reliable, and simply the best!
I have been using Band Aid brand..since late 60's Number 1 for my family,and as a Parent..all we use for OUR family! Generations are and will continue to use Band Aid Brands

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