Almohadilla de gasa adhesiva de primeros auxilios de la marca Band-Aid

4.9 5 0 60 60 Band-Aid Marca de productos de primeros auxilios Almohadilla de gasa estéril adhesiva para el cuidado de los cojines que amortigua y protege sus heridas. Hecha con un respaldo de espuma blanda flexible, esta gasa adhesiva transpirable se mueve contigo y permanece en su lugar durante ocho horas. Esta gasa de primeros auxilios altamente absorbente absorbe los fluidos de la herida mientras forma una barrera protectora contra la suciedad y los gérmenes.
Almohadilla de gasa adhesiva de primeros auxilios de la marca Band-Aid


Buy this for adult son who is always getting scraps and cuts at work..stays on all day, comfortable to wear all day.
Super durable
I love these bandages they are super durable and I like how flexible they are so when you move around it moves with you.
Excellent catheter holder
My mother in law does dialysis at home. A soft plastic tube (catheter) is placed in your belly by surgery. We used this type of bandaid to hold the catheter to her skin when she wasn't doing her dialysis treatment. IT WORKED PERFECTLY!!
My go to
Very gentle on sensitive skin. It stays in place as well. It's my go to for my clients.
Decent Bandage
BandAids can be used for everything from cuts and scrapes to larger wounds. They keep wounds protected and free of debris. Sometimes (depending on where the wound is) they come off pretty easily, but I would still recommend.
Good Name Brand
I had previously just purchased the store brand gauze pads which we had used as a dressing (with Vaseline) for a surgery our son had. Compared to the store brand, these are MUCH thicker and feel softer. I was impressed. They aren't as cheap as the generic but this is one case where there is a clear advantage to buying a name brand.
Lasts so long
I forgot I even had this on. It’s so thin and so effective. These are great really
Good bandages
These bandages stick good to your skin. They are large enough to cover many sizes of injuries. This is a well-known and trusted brand.
Very good for covering wonds
Using this product has been a great help in healing. Stays on until taken off, even when it gets wet.
stays on
We always keep a good supply of Band-Aids throughout our home. I once got an a infection on my wrist, a very bad infection. So I bought some really large Band-Aids of this brand and they were just perfect, they stayed on well even when I washed my hands... If you have children, you need to keep a good supply of Band-Aids, seems children are always getting scrapes and cuts...
Love this!
Was so nice I had recently fell and got a few scrapes. My elbow and knee I loved the comfort and stayed on while i bath. Even got the hard area on my elbow. I recommend this very much.
Very flexible
My kids are always getting hurt and I tried these on my oldest when she hurt her knees and they moved so well with her. They even lasted a long time even in the shower.
This product is easy to put on & take off. I tried it on myself before my kids because they hate whenever the bandaid hurts to take off
Evies Beauty
These Bandages are really comfortable and well made.They stay on even in the shower.I liked that it was a larger bandage. I would recommend.
Good quality
They were good size for road rash. Did not stick on the bandage part . This is a great bandaid with no pain removing it. I love it.

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