Tropicana Watermelon Beverage

4.5 5 0 188 188 Tropicana® Watermelon fruit beverage gives you the refreshing taste of summer in every glass. It is made with real fruit juice and contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.
Tropicana Watermelon Beverage


This is such a great summer drink. Watermelon with a twist of lemon or lime with a glass full of ice on a hot summer day. One of my favorites. Tropicana is my summer mix drink.
Our family loves the taste of Simply Watermelon. It is so refreshing, perfectly sweet and works great as a mixer in drinks. Love making cocktails with the watermelon.
Ayaq tembikai moden
Air tembikai yang sangat menyegarkan, diperbuat daripada buah tembikai asli dan tanpa mengandungi sebarang perisa dan warna tambahan. Sedap dan sangat menyegarkan ketika dihidang dengan ais.
Tropicana Watermelon Beverage
I really love the taste of the watermelon drink .It taste so good
Leave your taste buds tingling for more
Awesome taste and hits the spot. Put in freezer just long enough to soft mush and then toss in blender blend like a freezie! Yummy !
Perfect summer drink
I love this perfectly refreshing watermelon juice. It's like summer sunshine in a glass. Lightly sweet. It taste amazingly fresh and fruity. Hands down one of my faves. Works great as a mixer as well.
Tropicana Watermelon Beverage
I have tried other watermelon drinks and this is by far the best!! It has the watermelon taste where as most others do not have much of the watermelon. This is my go to drink during the summer. My kids love it as will!! Give it a try and see what you think!!!
I’ve purchase Tropicana Watermelon beverage on multiple occasions. In my family of 5 almost everyone drinks it when it’s in the house. It’s delicious, delightful, and refreshing.
Tastes good!
We love this product in our 963 883 1434home. As a refreshing drink or making ice pops for my children. To make fun cocktails/ mocktails this a versatile drink that is hard not to enjoy.
We loved this Tropicana flavor. We found it to be refreshing and tasty. It is a great flavor for summer. If you like watermelon as much as I do, then it is a great flavor year round!
If amazingness could be bottled
This drink was so delicious I drink the whole thing in less than a day it was so refreshing actually tasted like watermelon no no improvements absolutely would recommend this product
It's Summer Explosion
Tropicana's Watermelon Beverage is a sip of summer in every bottle. Bursting with the essence of ripe watermelons, it's a refreshing oasis on a scorching day. The flavor is a perfect harmony – not too sweet, just pure, juicy watermelon goodness. The convenience of this ready-to-drink beverage makes it a go-to for instant refreshment. It's like carrying a slice of summer in my bag, ready to tantalize my taste buds wherever I go. More than just a drink, it's a liquid vacation, a tropical escape in every gulp. Tropicana, you've bottled sunshine, and each sip is a mini getaway. It's not just a beverage; it's a symphony of summer in every drop.
Love this
It has a great flavor! It taste like summer and is so delicious! We love it at our house and will be buying all the time! It really is a great juice flavor and a healthy option as well!
This watermelon beverage is a refreshing way to enjoy a hot summer day. The flavor was bold but not overwhelming.
This juice is absolutely delicious! Quite refreshing on a hot day! My kids like to freeze it to make slushies! I would recommend this drink to everyone!

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